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Corporate Social Responsibility

As MAD-HR continues to grow and develop, so too will our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. We believe we all play a part in ‘Making A Difference’ within our local and global communities. We also seek to improve and reduce our environment impact as a business and as individuals.


MAD-HR is proud to be actively involved in the business community, supporting initiatives with the: IOD, Chamber of Commerce, to name a few.  By contributing to the improvement of the economic environment in the East of England and the nation as a whole, our local communities will inevitably reap the benefits of our corporate social responsibility programme, through improved employment opportunities with great businesses, as well as allowing business to reinvest time and money back into the community, through voluntary contributions: A win win for everyone!

As a business, MAD-HR proudly enjoys some exceptional ‘affiliate relationships’ – a term coined to reflect the wide army of expertise which the management can bring into play to help with the specific needs of clients in whatever scenario.  We are passionate collaborators and are always looking to ensure that additional service skills required by our clients – from well-being specialists to niche online recruiters – should be sourced from within the East of England’s exceptional pool of talent.

This ethos has also led us to conceiving our own VIP lunches, which have in turn created numerous successful commercial relationships, charitable partnerships, and education-focused propositions within the community.


As a business, we are continually looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment, such as using technology to communicate internally and externally through video conference, therefore removing the need for travel, reducing our carbon emissions and reducing cost for our clients.  Recycling is taken very seriously by all team members, from creating eco bricks from non recyclable plastics to be used as building materials by a local school, recycling all printer cartridges and other waste, where at all possible, creating online systems in order to keep paper use to a minimum, through to using shredded waste as chicken bedding!

Corporate Social Responsibility


Our corporate social responsibility programme supports our passion for people and work with our clients, to ensure that all stakeholders in a business receive fair treatment, from employees to customers.  We believe it is the morally correct thing to do rather than out of any obligation. We encourage businesses to consider how stakeholders will be affected by their activity and work to have the most positive impact for all.  This can include fairer treatment for all employees, with common examples including paying higher wages, offering jobs to those who might otherwise struggle to find work, ensuring that decent standards are maintained in less attractive work environments, skills are developed and maintained to add value to the business, the team, its customers and the wider community.

We practice what we preach and ensure that we look after our team and their families through social events, flexible working and support to be present at those priceless milestones of children, grandchildren and other family events.


Even as a small business, we donate regularly to local charities, we undertake sponsored activities and attend charity events to raise much needed funds to a variety of worthy causes i.e. firewalking for Suffolk Mind, Geewizz Midsummer Party and fashion show, St Elizabeth Hospice Quiz Nights, AGE UK Suffolk and many more.

We as Directors of MAD-HR are active in the community and wholeheartedly encourage our team to do the same.  Carole and Charlotte serve as Trustees for local Charities (Suffolk Family Carers and ActivLives) and the whole team supports and volunteers at charities of their choice.  We believe in using our skills to benefit others and great examples of this are our team volunteering on the HR committee for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, using their expertise to support young people entering the world of work with interviewing skills and employability advice and supporting young carers with respite.

With our work and strong relationships in the business community, we have been instrumental in creating positive collaborations where charitable causes are the beneficiary. An example would be the introduction of the Geewizz Charitable Trust to Prettys, resulting in GeeWizz becoming Prettys’ ‘charity of the year’ for 2019.

We have most recently become members of Suffolk Pro Help who provide professional advice and support to the VCSE sector.

Suffolk Pro Help

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