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HR Heroes Training Courses are here to save you

29th Mar 2019
Absence Management, Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Events, Human Resources, Leadership, RecruitmentTraining

MAD-HR are delighted to announce the launch of the HR HEROES workshop series to be delivered in Suffolk in 2019. With constantly evolving employment laws, and successfully growing businesses with increasing employee numbers, comes added responsibility and a need for a greater understanding of HR practises. These HR Heroes training opportunities will offer practical solutions for managers and HR professionals alike. Our senior consultants at MAD-HR have developed a series...

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When is Notice of Dismissal Effective?

9th Nov 2018
Absence Management, Employment Law, Human ResourcesRecruitment

An employee was given notice of redundancy but was on holiday when the letter arrived. There was a significant difference in her pension entitlement between leaving at age 49 and age 50 – which everyone involved knew about … In the case of Haywood vs Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust - what happened next? This case hinged on the date when notice of termination of employment began to run. This...

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Mental Health and Well-Being at Work

9th Nov 2018
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human ResourcesTraining

Mental health problems are common, experienced by up to one in four of the population. Problems are often hidden, stigma is still widespread and many people do not receive adequate support from services. Mental health problems often start early in life and can be prevented through creating mentally healthy environments in schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces and in providing services to individuals and families that promote mental health, help identify signs...

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Managing the World Cup 2018 and potential disruption

17th May 2018
Absence Management, Employee EngagementHuman Resources

The FIFA World Cup is due to start on 14th June, with 60 matches being played in Russia over the course of a four weeks before the final on 15th July. With some matches taking place during or close to many employees’ normal working hours, we look at ways to support you in managing any disruption that may be arising. 1. Deal fairly with competing requests for time off Employers may...

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HR software systems

How can HR software systems help your business?

12th Jul 2017
Absence Management, Change Management, Human Resources, Payroll, RecruitmentTraining

Historically Human Resources has been seen as an administrative function,  often an add-on to the office manager or even secretary’s role, frequently neglected in start-ups until either growth or an issue demanded attention... Nowadays, growing and innovative organisations recognise that an organisation’s greatest asset is its people and that the management of the human capital needs to be specialist lead to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, good practice and to...

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switch off the technology

France empowers employees to switch off the technology

11th May 2017
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Human ResourcesLeadership

On the 1st January 2017, France took the radical step forward of establishing “the right to disconnect” for organisations of more than 50 employees, and whilst the UK have not yet followed suit, this proposed human right is an issue that all employers should be aware of. Work/life balance Modern day business, and life in general has a focus on technology, and specifically the ability to contact employees, and clients,...

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How to manage long term absence

2nd Feb 2017
Absence Management, Employee BenefitsHuman Resources

Dealing with long term health absences can be costly, complex, time consuming, emotionally draining and confusing and if not managed effectively, can pose significant risks to a business. A report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR)1 estimates the cost of long-term sickness absence – absences of six months or more – at £4.17 billion to private sector businesses in the UK. Where to start? There are two...

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You could have an annual leave problem this Easter…

18th Jan 2017
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment LawHuman Resources

This year your employees can treat themselves to more than a fortnight off work without even booking off 10 working days.  This is due to the days the bank holidays fall on in 2017. In fact they only need to use 9 days of holiday leave to get 18 days off (including weekends): The 2017 Easter period is in April. The last working day is 13th April, with Good Friday...

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What employers need to know about Parental leave changes from April 2015

22nd Dec 2016
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment LawHuman Resources

Ordinary Parental leave is for employees to take time off work to look after a child's welfare, this leave is normally unpaid, and is now available for each child up to their 18th birthday. This means that parents previously ineligible for parental leave, with children over five, are now eligible. Ordinary Parental Leave – Key Points • Employees must have completed one year's continuous service with an employer to qualify....

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leave and sickness overlap

How to manage annual leave and sickness overlap

1st Dec 2016
Absence Management, Employment LawHuman Resources

You have an employee who has booked holiday and either just before they travel or whilst they’re away they are ill. We share advice and tips on how to manage annual leave and sickness overlap – what are the rules? Notification When prearranged holiday overlaps with sick leave, employees should let their employer know as soon as reasonably practical. As a result of complying with the company’s notification procedure then...

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refusing to work notice

Jewish woman who can’t work Saturdays wins £16,000

1st Dec 2016
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesRecruitment

A Jewish woman won £16,000 damages from a travel firm after it rejected her job application because her religion prevented her from working Saturdays. So, what happened? Ms Fhima sent her CV to Travel Jigsaw and was invited to a face to face interview.  Her application was turned down after she revealed she observed Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest which lasts from sundown on Friday until sunset on Saturday...

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struggle to contact employee off sick

Struggling to contact an employee who is off sick?

21st Nov 2016
Absence Management, Employee Engagement, Employment LawHuman Resources

If you have an employee who is off sick and you have made a number of attempts to contact them but they just aren’t answering the phone, what can you do? Contact while absent Whilst employees are off sick it is important to keep a line of communication open so that you can understand the reasons for their absence, what medical advice has been sought and what the road to...

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last minute holiday

Can I refuse last minute holiday requests?

21st Nov 2016
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

The simple answer here is YES! Employees have to give some warning of their intention of going on holiday. This notice can be verbal or written, and must be at least twice the length of the planned holiday. In other words, if an employee wants to go away for a week, he or she must give notice of at least two weeks before the holiday (or whatever is stipulated in...

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appeal court outcome

The impact of avoiding sick pay obligations

2nd Nov 2016
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

In September 2016 there were media reports about a tribunal’s compensatory award to Donald McKenzie (M). The tribunal awarded an employee who was denied sick pay over £75,000. As an employer how can you avoid this risk? In 2015 M was signed off work with stress from his job as a manager at Pentland Motor Company (PMC) where he had worked for nearly 50 years. M’s employment contract clearly stated...

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flippancy over mental health

Flippancy over mental health issues can be costly

10th Oct 2016
Absence Management, Employment Law, Human ResourcesLeadership

Have you heard the joke about the woman who went to the Doctors and said she felt like a pair of curtains?… The Doctor replied “Pull yourself together!”. Well this may be a well-known gag but it was no laughing matter for the employer in a recent case – saying “pull yourself together” to an employee suffering from depression cost them £7500. HR History Wickers was employed as an assistant...

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7 Easy Steps to creating a ‘Work at Home’ Policy

3rd Oct 2016
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employee EngagementHuman Resources

There are many attractions, for employers and employees alike, in having a work from home programme. For many, the benefit comes from a better work/life balance, but some of the other advantages include: increased employee productivity and motivation, not to mention the ‘green’ benefits. If you’ve got employees working from home, even if it’s just one day a week, it’s imperative that you have clear guidelines in your ‘work from...

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calculate working time

How to calculate working time

28th Sep 2016
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

Working time is defined in the Working Time Regulations 1998 (SI 1998/1833) as: any period during which the worker is working, at his or her employer's disposal and carrying out his or her activity or duties; any period during which he or she is receiving relevant training; and any additional period designated as working time under a relevant agreement. The Government provides guidance1 on what this includes. What counts as work...

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manage a potential employees poor sickness history

How to manage a potential employees poor sickness history

6th Sep 2016
Absence Management, Human ResourcesRecruitment

When interviewing a potential employee it is important not to contravene the disability discrimination law when enquiring about health and sickness records. The Equality Act 2010 states very clearly that an employer must not ask about the health of an applicant during the interview as the way the answers are used may contravene the disability discrimination law. If an employer asks health related questions during a selection and recruitment process...

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cope with school holidays

Help employees cope with school holidays throughout the year

4th Aug 2016
Absence Management, Employee Engagement, Employment LawHuman Resources

With the majority of full-time employees entitled to 5.6 weeks annual leave, coping with an average of 14 weeks of school holidays every year can be tough. The summer holiday, a block of nearly six weeks, can prove most challenging to both employer and employees. We share our expert HR tips for how to cope with the school holidays... Annual Leave requests The main issue for an employer is dealing...

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manage employees who disregard refusal of leave

How to manage employees who disregard refusal of leave requests

8th Jul 2016
Absence Management, Employment LawHuman Resources

You recently rejected an annual leave request due to business reasons but the employee has now told you that they plan to take the time off regardless of not being approved. What should your next steps be? Employment Law is very clear – holiday cannot be taken as and when the employee wants – in line with your Annual Leave Policy they need to obtain permission in advance. Your obligation...

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