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Outsourced HR

Outsourced HR

13th Oct 2020
Absence Management, Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employee Handbook, Employment Law, HR Resources, Human Resources, Leadership, Onboarding Employees, Online HR, Recruitment, RedundancyTraining

Outsourced HR Considering outsourcing your HR? Take a look at this before you decide. We all know that issues with staff can be incredibly time consuming and these non income generating activities, although important, can become a significant cause of frustration.  You will have had those days when you wish you could wave your magic wand and make all of it go away, in comes your fairy godmother in the guise...

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furloughed workers get full redundancy payments

Furloughed workers get full redundancy payments

30th Jul 2020
Business, Change Management, Coronavirus, Employment Law, HR Resources, Human Resources, PayrollRedundancy

Furloughed workers get full redundancy payments The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has announced this morning (30th July 2020) that it is bringing in a new law to ensure all furloughed employees receive redundancy payments at 100% of their normal pay, rather than a reduced furlough rate. Throughout the pandemic, the government has urged businesses to do right by their employees and pay those being made redundant based...

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Extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Extension to the Job Retention Scheme Announced

29th May 2020
Business, Change Management, Coronavirus, Employment LawLeadership

Extension to the Job Retention Scheme Today (29‌‌ May) the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced further details about the extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and its impact on the furloughing arrangements. The key details in his announcement are are outlined below: Flexible furloughing From 1‌‌ July 2020, you’ll have the flexibility to bring previously furloughed employees back to work part-time – with the Government continuing to pay 80%...

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Returning to work webinar

Returning to Work Webinar with Birketts

26th May 2020
Business, Change Management, Coronavirus, Employment LawLeadership

Returning to Work Webinar As the Government begins to ease lock-down measures for businesses, we need to prepare for the time when all business can fully return to work. Along with Birketts Solicitors we have prepared this Returning to Work webinar which discusses the legal, HR and Health and Safety aspects of Returning to Work. Charlotte Bate and Carole Burman, Directors of MAD-HR are joined by the Birketts team made...

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Returning to Work after Lockdown

Returning to Work – In the New Norm’

21st May 2020
Change Management, Coronavirus, Human ResourcesLeadership

Returning to Work Right now, the focus for many businesses is to keep their organisation afloat, exhausting new sales opportunities and fighting other impacts and challenges being presented by the Coronavirus pandemic - like returning to work, at full capacity.  Businesses have to prepare for the longer-term impact and enabling employees to return to work in a safe way and provide a safe environment for them to work in, in what...

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After Covid-19 Webinar 30th April 2020

Coming Out of Covid-19 Stronger Than Ever?

21st Apr 2020
Business, Change Management, Coronavirus, Human ResourcesLeadership

Webinar - After Covid-19 How can you use your time now so that after Covid-19 your business comes out stronger than ever before? Many businesses have battened down the hatches, furloughed team members and are now left wondering “so what next?” Whilst Covid-19 has challenged even the mightiest of businesses to stay on track, now is the time for all business leaders to not only deal with the challenges of...

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HR Heroes Training Courses are here to save you

27th Dec 2019
Absence Management, Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Events, Human Resources, Leadership, RecruitmentTraining

MAD-HR are delighted to announce the launch of the HR HEROES workshop series to be delivered in Essex and Suffolk in 2020. With constantly evolving employment laws, and successfully growing businesses with increasing employee numbers, comes added responsibility and a need for a greater understanding of HR practises. These HR Heroes training opportunities will offer practical solutions for managers and HR professionals alike. Our senior consultants at MAD-HR have developed...

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Contractor, Worker, Employee – The Meaning of the Pimlico Case

3rd Jul 2018
Business, Change Management, Employment Law, Human ResourcesRecruitment

Every so often, a case hits the media which immediately sets the phone ringing and the emails hitting the MAD inbox. The latest? Pimlico Plumbers. In case you’ve not followed the headlines and the ruling, it centred on the decision by the Supreme Court to conclude in favour of contractor Gary Smith. Whilst Mr Smith was paying self employed tax, and was also VAT registered, he was effectively a ‘worker’,...

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What’s the Solution to Finding and Keeping the Best Talent?

10th Jun 2018
Business, Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human Resources, Leadership, RecruitmentTraining

If I could name one question which gets asked of me most among new and existing clients, it’s along the lines of ‘how do I find and keep the best talent?’ As consultants in the HR world, there’s not a week goes by where we’re not asked to help a company who are losing a key member of staff, wanting to recruit that ‘Superstar Employee’, or once again battling their...

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How To Effectively Manage Probationary Periods

19th Oct 2017
Business, Change Management, Human Resources, Leadership, RecruitmentTraining

Probationary periods for a new recruit are now commonplace. The use of a Probationary period is at the discretion of the employer in terms of whether to have one and if so, how long the period should be.   The main purpose is to assess performance, and suitability for the role and organisation, in a set timeframe, with the ability to not continue employment if the employer is not satisfied....

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Leading by Example – Maintaining Your Edge

4th Aug 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, LeadershipTraining

A growing, forward thinking company will have strong leadership to drive the organisation’s strategic programme forward and ensure their team have the skills and abilities to meet their challenges. You can read more about leadership skills here. To continue to grow and be successful it is vital that your leadership team maintains their edge through continual development. The business world is constantly evolving and the leadership team needs to evolve...

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attract millennials to your business

How to attract millennials to your business

12th Jul 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, RecruitmentTraining

After the Baby Boomers came Generation X, and now it’s the Millennials who will soon be making up at least half the workforce and are inevitably the future of employment.  With a wealth of talent and high education standards, how do you ensure you attract millennials to your business? A Millennial is deemed to be roughly 20 – mid 30 years old (definitions tend to count birth years from early...

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HR software systems

How can HR software systems help your business?

12th Jul 2017
Absence Management, Change Management, Human Resources, Payroll, RecruitmentTraining

Historically Human Resources has been seen as an administrative function,  often an add-on to the office manager or even secretary’s role, frequently neglected in start-ups until either growth or an issue demanded attention... Nowadays, growing and innovative organisations recognise that an organisation’s greatest asset is its people and that the management of the human capital needs to be specialist lead to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, good practice and to...

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How to be a trusted and authentic leader

15th Jun 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human ResourcesLeadership

Being a competent manager or having a senior position does not automatically make a leader.  A leader connects with those they seek to lead. They inspire, encourage and empower their team. Whilst there is certainly an overlap in skills needed for a senior manager and leader, it can be considered that true leaders are successful due to their characteristics, not just their skills. Authentic leadership is about the being, not...

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what triggers the need for HR support

What triggers the need for HR support?

2nd Jun 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human ResourcesRecruitment

Often businesses start without expert HR support but even the most adept entrepreneur will need qualified support to effectively manage people issues before long. The frustration of spending time on non-revenue generating activities becomes too time-consuming and a distraction from the main aim of the business and employing staff comes at a risk: most business leaders do not have the time or expertise to manage that risk long term. Here's...

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effective team meetings

How to Run Effective Team Meetings

11th May 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, LeadershipTraining

A leader recognises the importance of an effective team meeting and focuses on the energy and benefits that it can bring.  A team meeting can result in problem resolution, idea generation, empowerment and increased staff engagement. It is just one tool you can use to develop and grow a better team . You can read more on the benefit of having a strong team here >> Ensure your meetings are...

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what does engagement mean

What does employee engagement actually mean?

20th Apr 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human ResourcesLeadership

Much more than a catch phrase, the focus on employee engagement is here to stay, and cannot be ignored. Employee engagement is vital to a successful business seeking growth and prosperity but what does it mean and how can you achieve it? A thriving environment A study in 2015 from Aon Hewitt highlighted that those organisations reporting the highest levels of employee engagement demonstrated a 58% higher return for their...

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time off work to provide Court evidence

Employment Law changes you need to act on now

2nd Feb 2017
Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

Whilst business owners are still struggling to understand the impact of Brexit, followed by the shock of Trump, 2017 is also bringing significant changes in employment law which is certainly making HR an exciting area to work in. Regardless of your industry or organisation size, this year will demand you have up to date information and a strong lead from HR to ensure that your workforce policies are compliant, forward...

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How to deal with change management effectively

2nd Feb 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human ResourcesLeadership

Just the word “change” can result in unease and stress yet, much like death and taxes, change is inevitable and unavoidable. Within business it is a vital element to allow growth and indeed survival during tough times. Yet we still fight against it. The Change Cycle® Model illustrates the six predictive stages of reaction to change: Loss, Doubt, Discomfort, Discovery, Understanding, and Integration. Within each of those reactive stages, the...

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What can an Interim HR Director do for you?

1st Feb 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human Resources, LeadershipRecruitment

Many of our clients don't need a full time HR Director, it's that simple and to have somebody that they can call on as and when they need HR support works very well. It’s a progressive way to help organisations manage change - from disposals and downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, to renegotiation of contracts or reappraisal of employee benefits, an interim HR Director can bring experience, objectivity and a determination...

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Carole offers outstanding support and advice to ensure you are meeting legal requirements. Her toolkit is a very worthwhile investment as it ensures your documentation is up to scratch and you have all that you need in place! Highly recommended – outstanding service.