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Blog - Employee Benefits

HR Heroes Training Courses are here to save you

27th Dec 2019
Absence Management, Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Events, Human Resources, Leadership, RecruitmentTraining

MAD-HR are delighted to announce the launch of the HR HEROES workshop series to be delivered in Essex and Suffolk in 2020. With constantly evolving employment laws, and successfully growing businesses with increasing employee numbers, comes added responsibility and a need for a greater understanding of HR practises. These HR Heroes training opportunities will offer practical solutions for managers and HR professionals alike. Our senior consultants at MAD-HR have developed...

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Mental Health and Well-Being at Work

9th Nov 2018
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human ResourcesTraining

Mental health problems are common, experienced by up to one in four of the population. Problems are often hidden, stigma is still widespread and many people do not receive adequate support from services. Mental health problems often start early in life and can be prevented through creating mentally healthy environments in schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces and in providing services to individuals and families that promote mental health, help identify signs...

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When The Temperatures Climb, The Responsibilities Soar

25th Jul 2018
Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Human ResourcesLeadership

We can plan for all kinds of scenarios as HR advisors. We’re often waiting like a coiled spring for the next recruitment wave for one of our clients, or their sudden requirement on a tricky dismissal, or responding when a member of staff walks in the office and announces they’re seven months pregnant! Weather is such a tricky one. While many of us are, for the most part, delighted to...

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Is the MAD-HR Toolkit right for your business?

25th Jul 2018
Employee Benefits, Human Resources, RecruitmentTraining

We like to let our customers speak for us when it comes to our services so when John Jackaman from Infusions Ltd gave us feedback about our HR toolkit we wanted to share it with EVERYONE. Please take a few minutes to watch our video and if you think the toolkit would help your business, get in touch.  We thank John for his testimonial and you can read his words...

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When Football Comes Home Does That Mean Your Staff Will Stay Home Too?

11th Jul 2018
Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment LawHuman Resources

Absenteeism after World Cup matches is well known phenomenon and has historically cost British businesses millions. So what about this year?  How has this affected you? Gareth Southgate has been turning us on with his snazzy waistcoats and ace management style but now that it's all over (bar the game for 3rd place) have hungover staff cost you business money in lost revenue? Have you been tackling employee absences in...

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What’s the Solution to Finding and Keeping the Best Talent?

10th Jun 2018
Business, Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human Resources, Leadership, RecruitmentTraining

If I could name one question which gets asked of me most among new and existing clients, it’s along the lines of ‘how do I find and keep the best talent?’ As consultants in the HR world, there’s not a week goes by where we’re not asked to help a company who are losing a key member of staff, wanting to recruit that ‘Superstar Employee’, or once again battling their...

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Limits on Payments and Awards

15th Mar 2018
Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

We share this handy table on limits on payments and awards to help you remain compliant with employment law. NB: This table was updated 15.03.18. [table id=1 /] [mad_subscribe driptag="BLOG" headline="Book a Free Online Toolkit Demo Today." description="In just 30-minutes our team can show you the benefits of our cost-effective, hassle-free way to ensure you are HR compliant. Complete the form below and we will contact you to book your...

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managing HR in small businesses

5 Top Tips on managing HR in a small business

12th Jul 2017
Employee Benefits, Employment LawHuman Resources

If you ask a start-up business about their marketing plan, their pricing strategy or their social media approach, most will be able to give answers. However, if you ask about their HR strategic plan and how they will be managing their human resources, the answer is often a dismissive “Oh I’ll worry about that at the time"... Few entrepreneurs start their own business because they want responsibility for managing people...

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retaining talent

Here’s why you’re losing talent from your business

2nd Jun 2017
Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, LeadershipRecruitment

Finding, gaining and retaining talent is key for businesses to succeed, particularly in today's world. We share our top HR advice and insight into why you might be losing yours. Your recruitment process… A recruitment process that makes applicants want to work with you will not only attract the right candidate, it will also attract someone looking to develop, grow and stay with you. Make your organisation THE place to...

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switch off the technology

France empowers employees to switch off the technology

11th May 2017
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Human ResourcesLeadership

On the 1st January 2017, France took the radical step forward of establishing “the right to disconnect” for organisations of more than 50 employees, and whilst the UK have not yet followed suit, this proposed human right is an issue that all employers should be aware of. Work/life balance Modern day business, and life in general has a focus on technology, and specifically the ability to contact employees, and clients,...

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Apprenticeships Suffolk

The Apprenticeship Levy – are you ‘in the know’?

6th Apr 2017
Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human Resources, RecruitmentTraining

"The Government’s vision is to create a world class sustainable apprenticeships system that is of high quality and employer led." April 2017 is an auspicious month for Apprenticeships with the implementation of two of the key reforms under the Government’s programme; the introduction of the Institute of Apprenticeships and the start of the apprenticeship levy. Development Apprenticeships have undergone various changes over the years, moving from what many would class...

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7 tips for recruiting successfully

7 Top Tips for recruiting successfully

22nd Mar 2017
Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human ResourcesRecruitment

Here they are...our 7 top tips for recruiting successfully. Make the most of our free HR advice and elevate your business. 1 - Know what you want If you are looking to take on your first person, it is usually because you need them to bring in more revenue or you need them to take on some of your duties to free up your time to bring in more business....

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Budget Briefcase

What the Budget means for you as a business

8th Mar 2017
Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

Philip Hammond delivered the Budget – his first full Budget as Chancellor - with little surprise. In fact the word “dull” has been seen on Twitter more than once. The Autumn Statement had the majority of detail and changes already included with the announcement on 8th March providing the final clarification. We have however included details of the significant u-turn on National Insurance. Here are the headline issues directly impacting...

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time off work to provide Court evidence

Employment Law changes you need to act on now

2nd Feb 2017
Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

Whilst business owners are still struggling to understand the impact of Brexit, followed by the shock of Trump, 2017 is also bringing significant changes in employment law which is certainly making HR an exciting area to work in. Regardless of your industry or organisation size, this year will demand you have up to date information and a strong lead from HR to ensure that your workforce policies are compliant, forward...

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How to manage long term absence

2nd Feb 2017
Absence Management, Employee BenefitsHuman Resources

Dealing with long term health absences can be costly, complex, time consuming, emotionally draining and confusing and if not managed effectively, can pose significant risks to a business. A report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR)1 estimates the cost of long-term sickness absence – absences of six months or more – at £4.17 billion to private sector businesses in the UK. Where to start? There are two...

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Coming Soon – Tax Free Childcare

1st Feb 2017
Employee Benefits, Human ResourcesPayroll

Plans for the introduction of a new scheme called 'tax-free childcare' were initially announced way back in the 2013 Budget. The original proposals have since been amended and the scheme is now set to be implemented during 2017. Broadly, the new scheme, which aims to help working parents with the cost of childcare, will replace the current system of employer-supported childcare (ESC) which is offered by less than 5% of...

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You could have an annual leave problem this Easter…

18th Jan 2017
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment LawHuman Resources

This year your employees can treat themselves to more than a fortnight off work without even booking off 10 working days.  This is due to the days the bank holidays fall on in 2017. In fact they only need to use 9 days of holiday leave to get 18 days off (including weekends): The 2017 Easter period is in April. The last working day is 13th April, with Good Friday...

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What employers need to know about Parental leave changes from April 2015

22nd Dec 2016
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment LawHuman Resources

Ordinary Parental leave is for employees to take time off work to look after a child's welfare, this leave is normally unpaid, and is now available for each child up to their 18th birthday. This means that parents previously ineligible for parental leave, with children over five, are now eligible. Ordinary Parental Leave – Key Points • Employees must have completed one year's continuous service with an employer to qualify....

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refusing to work notice

Jewish woman who can’t work Saturdays wins £16,000

1st Dec 2016
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesRecruitment

A Jewish woman won £16,000 damages from a travel firm after it rejected her job application because her religion prevented her from working Saturdays. So, what happened? Ms Fhima sent her CV to Travel Jigsaw and was invited to a face to face interview.  Her application was turned down after she revealed she observed Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest which lasts from sundown on Friday until sunset on Saturday...

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What you need to know about the Autumn Statement

24th Nov 2016
Employee Benefits, Employment LawHuman Resources

We have now heard what is potentially the last of the Autumn Statements in the way we have known them. Here are the key messages for businesses and employers. Hammond delivered what may be considered a fairly lively Autumn Statement, displaying humour and banter with back-benchers, even fitting in a reference to Ed Balls’ (outstanding) Strictly performances; noting how complicated some fiscal announcements are. His performance certainly made it entertaining...

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Brilliant service and advice from MAD-HR.   Thank you so much, you’ve made the process of taking on our first employee an absolute breeze! Highly recommended.