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The 2015 General Election – The Possible Changes For Employment Law

23rd Apr 2015
Employment LawHuman Resources

In this blog post, we will take a brief look at the manifestos of the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats & UKIP, in respect of their proposed changes to the employment law landscape, in the run up to the May election. Conservatives pledge to: Increase the NMW to £7 per hour in the near future. Prohibit exclusivity clauses from zero hours contracts. Require strike action to take place within 3 months...

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How To Conduct a Performance Appraisal

19th Apr 2015
Human Resources

You’ve invested your time, your money, and all your energy into building your company. But no company can function for very long without a team of productive employees supporting it. It’s important not only that your employees feel appreciated, but also that they feel they're progressing steadily in their careers. One of the best ways to ensure this level of job satisfaction is by holding employee appraisals at least once a...

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New Compensation Limits – Effective April 2015

2nd Apr 2015
Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

The Government has published details of the annual increases to statutory redundancy pay and the amount of compensation that employment tribunals can award for unfair dismissal, which will take effect from 6 April 2015. From 6 April 2015 the maximum amount, for a week’s pay, for the purpose of calculating a statutory redundancy payment increases from £464.00 to £475.00. The maximum unfair dismissal compensatory award rises from £76,574.00 to £78,335.00....

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performance communication

How to have an effective performance conversation

19th Mar 2015
Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human ResourcesLeadership

You’ve got an employee who isn’t contributing their fair share. You know you need to address it. The rest of the team can tell this employee is a poor performer.  If you don’t do something, your credibility will suffer. The purpose of conversations like this isn't to punish the employee. It’s to change their performance. That’s why you don’t want to delay the conversation. The longer you wait; the harder the...

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Unhappy Email

Should an employee’s dissatisfied email be treated as a grievance?

5th Mar 2015
Employment LawHuman Resources

An employee has sent you an e-mail, as their line manager, in which they have listed a number of issues they are “unhappy about” but it’s difficult to tell whether they are simply letting off steam or raising a formal grievance. What should you do? Engagement Let’s suppose that an employee has sent you an e-mail in which they’ve set out a number of issues they are unhappy about. For...

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Government’s Fit For Work service

Useful info on the Government’s Fit For Work service

5th Mar 2015
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employee EngagementHuman Resources

The Fit for Work service, previously known as the Health and Work Service, was launched at the end of 2014 and has been welcomed by the private sector. It is designed to help employers deal with sickness absence and health conditions, as well as providing support to employees. Here we share some useful info on the service... Two parts - an occupational health referral service and advice The Government Fit...

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What the EAT thinks about Twitter

5th Mar 2015
Employment LawHuman Resources

The explosion of social media has resulted in numerous examples where someone posts something on social media and then immediately regrets, it but can do little to delete it as it is already out there in the internet. We have used a case example to highlight What the EAT thinks about Twitter Where's the line? In an employment context, this can lead to questions being asked about where the line is...

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How To Get New Employees to Add Value to Your Business ASAP…

19th Feb 2015
Employee Engagement, Human ResourcesRecruitment

The successful Induction of a new employee is of vital importance. It is your opportunity to positively influence the new employee from day one, by making clear the required standards, expectations, and performance levels necessary to fulfil their roles.  A new employee is full of enthusiasm towards their new job. This can be refreshing for other team members and can often eliminate any complacency that may exist within the team....

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parental leave

What employers need to know about Shared Parental leave changes from April 2015

5th Feb 2015
Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

Shared Parental Leave will enable eligible mothers, fathers, partners and adopters to choose how to share time off work after their child is born or placed for adoption. This could involve returning to work for part of the time and then resuming leave at a later date. Read on for information on what employers need to know about Shared Parental leave changes from April 2015. Shared Parental Leave - Key...

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intended to resign

How To Recruit The Right Person For Your Business

19th Jan 2015
Employment Law, Human Resources, PayrollRecruitment

There are a number of things to remember as getting it wrong can be expensive both in terms of management time and cost but don’t worry there is help on hand.  Essentially there are two key areas of risk for your business: Recruiting the wrong person Having to defend a claim from an aggrieved unsuccessful candidate Having a process in place to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best and...

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birthdays and national minimum wage pay increases

What you need to know about deductions on payslips

5th Jan 2015
Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

Did you know that the Employment Rights Act 1996 (commonly referred to as ERA) states that an employee must receive an itemised payslip (statement of pay) on, or before, the date that the payment of their wages or salary is made? This means that if you pay your employees on 1st of each month, you must ensure they physically receive their payslip on or before that date.  And you must...

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Welcome to 2015 – Now What Does This Mean For Your Business?

4th Jan 2015
Employment LawHuman Resources

This year will see us have a general election in the UK and so we should expect to see an avalanche of news, argument and raised voices over the issue of employment law as the main parties jockey for position, trying to win the affections of the UK electorate and business community. The Conservatives have set out their stall by claiming the creation of 3 million apprenticeships should they remain...

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What Holiday Pay and Overtime Rulings Means For Employers

11th Dec 2014
Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human ResourcesPayroll

New employers will have missed the publicity surrounding November’s Holiday Pay and Overtime Rulings by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).  It was the latest instalment in a line of cases that have looked at what must be included in holiday pay under the UK’s Working Time Regulations (WTR). We look at the questions that remain unanswered following the judgement The EAT found that regular overtime, which employees are obliged to...

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Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – What Does It Mean For Employers?

5th Dec 2014
Employee Benefits, Human ResourcesPayroll

The Chancellor of the Exchequer pulled out a few surprises in his Autumn Statement however we thought that it would be useful to outline what some of this means for employers..... This newsletter is based on the documents released on 3 December 2014. It is possible that a different position will be shown by the draft legislation which will be published on 10 December 2014. We will keep you informed...

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need hr support

So why do you need help with HR ?

4th Nov 2014
Absence Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human Resources, LeadershipRecruitment

If you own a business then the chances are you will have heard of human resources. If you were working for another company then it is likely to be the department that everyone dreaded having to deal with but even the largest of companies has them. So why do you need help with HR ? You may well associate HR with simply the hiring and firing of employees and dealing with...

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