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Outsourced HR

Outsourced HR

13th Oct 2020
Absence Management, Change Management, Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Employee Handbook, Employment Law, HR Resources, Human Resources, Leadership, Onboarding Employees, Online HR, Recruitment, RedundancyTraining

Outsourced HR Considering outsourcing your HR? Take a look at this before you decide. We all know that issues with staff can be incredibly time consuming and these non income generating activities, although important, can become a significant cause of frustration.  You will have had those days when you wish you could wave your magic wand and make all of it go away, in comes your fairy godmother in the guise...

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Online HR Resources

Online HR Resources

18th Aug 2020
Business, HR Resources, Human ResourcesOnline HR

Online HR Resources Innovation and creativity are becoming ever more critical to many organisations’ success. HR has the power to create the conditions most conducive to both, however how can online HR resources innovate and add value through technological solutions?  Read on to find out. At the heart of innovation in HR is the implementation of new ideas, methods, and technologies to better meet the ever-evolving requirements of the organisation...

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Suffolk Pro Help

New members of Suffolk ProHelp

10th Jul 2020
Business, Employment Law, HR Resources, Human Resources, Onboarding Employees, Online HRRecruitment

Suffolk ProHelp - Why we offered our services Suffolk ProHelp provides professional support and expertise to the voluntary sector and have been doing so since 2001. They have almost 40 member firms and MAD-HR are delighted to be one of those who have joined in offering local voluntary and community groups professional HR Services on a pro-bono basis. As providers of premier outsourced HR services we offer a comprehensive HR solution...

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On-boarding Guide - How to successfully induct new employees in the new normal

On-boarding New Employees

30th Jun 2020
Business, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Onboarding Employees, Online HRRecruitment

On-boarding New Employees Right now, employers are facing an unprecedented time of not only managing their work force as they adapt to working from home but also recruiting and on-boarding new employees into the company fold. On-boarding new employees under these circumstances is proving to be a challenge but not unachievable if planned in advance and when technology is harnessed to deliver on-boarding programmes. The On-boarding process is an unmissable...

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HR Online Masterclass with Charlotte Bate

HR Masterclass with Charlotte Bate

23rd Jun 2020
Business, Human ResourcesOnline HR

HR Online Masterclass Charlotte Bate - Director of MAD-HR talks with the team from Addicted to Business (Nathan Lomax from Quickfire Digital and and Stokely Howard from Trendy Grandad) about rewarding the right behaviours and the dark side of HR. If you have any HR concerns or questions about any of the topics discussed in this HR Online Masterclass podcast, please get in touch with us as we would be...

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Thank you so much for the lunch today, it was fabulous! It was really good to meet a variety of different people and contacts in a relaxed atmosphere – and with great food!