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Why You Should Choose MAD-HR!

25th Jun 2018
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A (Moving) Picture Speaks Louder Than Words

We’re very lucky to have lots of wonderful clients in our MAD-HR crowd. We know HR is not the easiest topic for business people to open up about, there are so many private and personal aspects to it, but we have some clients who want to explain why they chose us. Firstly John Jackaman from Infusions Ltd. Enjoy!

John’s testimonial is lovely and we’re very grateful to him. You can read his words below.

When we were looking for an HR company we needed four criteria met, as well as people that we really could get along with which MAD-HR definitely are.

We needed something that gave us independence and control of what we were doing. The toolkit gave us that absolutely fantastic.

We need people to come in and give us expert advice when we entered situations that we just didn’t have the skill set to deliver. Their ad hoc element of their delivery is wonderful for that.

As our business grows we need our people solution to grow. The strategic advice that MAD-HR give is absolutely wonderful. And training, we need to train, we need to make our people better and we need to get better ourselves and MAD-HR can definitely support with the training elements.

They’re the four key areas that we look for in an HR company and MAD-HR offer a 360 solution to that.

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Brilliant service and advice from MAD-HR.   Thank you so much, you’ve made the process of taking on our first employee an absolute breeze! Highly recommended.