Smart Garden Offices Case Study

Smart Garden Office – Case Study

MAD-HR has been supporting Debi and her team for the past nine months.

“With hindsight, we should have called in an HR expert earlier. We had experienced rapid growth year on year which meant we were in need of a re-structure and a strategic review of our ever-growing, and fast expanding the team. “

Smart Garden Offices had grown to a workforce of around 50, and whilst they had a staff handbook, and all the basic policies in place, managing the HR process was starting to feel “clunky”. “We were lucky that we hadn’t experienced any high-risk situations but we knew that we needed professional support to fine-tune our policies and procedures, as well as our general approach to the HR function”.

Like many companies who have experienced rapid growth, and acknowledged the need for HR support, it was unclear exactly what was needed. “We knew we needed a senior expert, someone who could ask difficult questions and help us to look strategically but we didn’t want the commitment of a full-time employee. MAD-HR offered flexibility with the experience that we needed”.

We are looking forward to developing our relationship with MAD-HR over the next few years. Their advice, attention to detail and knowledge is proving invaluable.

Since MAD-HR started working with Debi and her team, they have been involved in a variety of projects ranging from recruitment, performance issues, a restructure, and training programmes. “Charlotte and Carole’s involvement in our recruitment has been invaluable. Fine tuning our job descriptions, and training on interview techniques means we now have the right people in the right roles. Their input has been a mixture of direct involvement and providing mentoring style support as and when we have needed it. We have an expert on hand when we need it, but also feel empowered to take action ourselves”.

Using a consultant for HR services can sometimes mean the function feels detached from the main team resulting in resistance and lack of communication yet Debi was pleased with how quickly Charlotte felt part of the organisation: “Charlotte is a real people-person. She felt like part of the team straight away and took the time to get to know us, and the organisation.  We pride ourselves on a friendly and professional service, and MAD-HR’s approach matches that. The level of experience that Charlotte and Carole have between them is vast and their approach is friendly yet professional. They are just fantastic”.

Any business investment needs to result in value being added. “The investment has definitely been worth it. From mitigating the risk of a costly mistake to improving the senior team’s confidence and skills, to ensuring we are legally compliant. We now have a consistent approach in the nuts and bolts of the HR function which is a great base for our future growth and development”.

Smart Garden Offices design, manufacture and install a range of purpose-built garden offices, studios and garden office buildings across the UK and Ireland, from their base in Suffolk.