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Ad Hoc HR Support

Key Features

  • Expertise when needed
  • On-site or remote support
  • An expert to fit your requirements
  • No ongoing commitment
  • Small jobs or larger projects

Ad Hoc HR Support AKA The ‘Pop Up’ HR Manager

We understand there are times when you’ll need specific, often face-to-face, help with a particular issue and we’ve got your back!

With our expert, outsourced ad hoc HR support, we will select the most suitable member of our team to assist you either at your office or remotely. Quickly becoming part of your team, your HR expert will provide help and support as and when you need them for issues such as recruitment, disciplinary or grievance hearings, redundancy or simply to proof-read HR documents.

Your ad hoc HR support might also be used for designing appropriate training courses and workshops for Directors, Senior Managers, Line Managers, Supervisors and HR Managers.  You may choose to use our expert to plan recruitment days, campaigns or support with the roll out of new HR policies or procedures.

Our service is flexible and tailored to your needs and budget. It can be on a retainer or ad hoc basis depending on what suits you best. All costs would be approved before any charges are incurred.

It’s like having a ‘pop-up’ HR manager or Learning and Development specialist as and when you need one.

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Carole is a thoroughly professional HR specialist and demonstrated to me on a number of occasions, how quickly she was able to grasp the detail of different situations that arose and her ability to rationalise the options and implement the resolution.