Charlotte has worked as an HR Professional, Trainer and Coach for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in delivering transformational HR support to businesses of all shapes and sizes, whilst always working with honesty and integrity.

Confirmation of statutory increases 2023

Confirmation of Statutory Increases for 2023!

Every April there are statutory increases that could affect your business. Here are some of the key ones you will need to be aware of.

King's Coronation bank holiday

Will there be a Bank holiday for the King’s coronation?

What are your plans regarding leave for your employees on the King's Coronation bank holiday? Here's what you should know.

What is a CHRO

Is it time you found your CHRO?

MAD-HR takes a look at whether one of your key appointments could be that of a Chief HR Officer.

Harnessing online recruitment opportunities

How to harness online recruitment opportunities

A candidate-driven market is forcing employers to reassess their recruitment methods. Find out how changing your recruitment strategy helps.

high performing teams featured image

There’s no ‘I’ in Team… And definitely not in High Performing Teams

How do you build and sustain high performing teams as part of a strategy for success? We explore the options.

global events

Global Events & Employee Impact – What Do Good Leaders Need to Know?

How do business leaders manage the personal and political impact of such an evolving story, in the context of the daily workplace?

custom and practice featured image

Employers guide to Custom and Practice in Employment Law

All employers need to understand 'custom and practice'. Find out what can happen if you ignore custom and practice and something goes wrong.

Annual leave and the COVID implication

Annual leave and the COVID implication

Many staff will feel they’ve ‘missed out’ on holiday over the last year due to COVID. How might you approach this year’s holiday leave?

Dismissal for personal conduct

Dismissal on the grounds of personal conduct

Following the accosting of Prof. Chris Whitty and subsequent firing of a perpetrator, we explore the nuances of dismissal for personal conduct.

Grief in the workplace

Bereavement leave – a guide for employers

Bereavement leave may have been especially high in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how best to support your staff.

Fire and rehire

Minimise risk when it comes to fire and rehire

What is the concept of firing and rehiring, and how do you stay on the right side of both the law and your moral obligations to staff?

One bad apple in the workplace

One bad apple in the workplace

A toxic employee is akin to a bad apple among a healthy crop. Here's how to deal with them, with minimal or no damage to your business.

Hospitality restart

Hospitality restart

For hospitality staff returning to work after lockdown, the next few months may prove tougher than usual. Here are 5 tips for your business.

Onboarding remotely - strategies for success

Onboarding remotely – strategies for success

Are you planning on remote onboarding new recruits to your business? Here are our tips for achieving success while onboarding remotely.

Online candidate interview tips

Online candidate interviews: Top tips to get it right

Looking for online interview tips? Here's how to interview candidates successfully using virtual software.

Moodbeam article

Moodbeam and employee well-being

The Moodbeam is a mood-tracking device, similar to some fitness tracking watches. We look at the possible impact from a HR perspective.

Work From Home

Work from home, hybrid or office – how do you manage staff in different settings?

How do you manage work from home, hybrid and office staff? We look at the advantages and disadvantages of each style of work.

HR Strategy and how it will affect the next 12 months of your business

HR Strategy and how it will affect the next 12 months of your business

Your investment into your HR strategy will directly affect the results achieved by your business in the next year. Here's how.

HR Con

5 things we wish all employers knew about HR

Understanding basic HR principles can help you manage risk, retain your employees, encourage development and lead to your business' success.

HR consultancy

Are HR Consultants a dying breed?

We look at the ever changing world of work and how HR consultants are evolving alongside the developments.

Carers Leave Act: What You Need to Know

In light of the new Carers Leave Act 2023, which came into force on 6 April 2024, we take a look at what the HR obligations are on employers.

Reflecting on Personal and Business Growth – Our Experience at BizX 2024 in Liverpool

We take a moment to reflect on our journey at BizX 2024. The event brought together a stellar lineup of speakers.

Employee Wellbeing Strategies that Actually Work

Putting your people first and prioritising employee wellbeing is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s an absolute must.

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