Case Studies

Kocurek machinery and staff

Kocurek Excavators Ltd

Becki Kelly, Chief Financial Officer

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Many of our clients run businesses which were born out of a family passion or an interest which has spanned generations. Kocurek is one such example.
John Doe of Diss

John Doe of Diss

Nathan Doe, Senior Manager

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For the latest of our lockdown-reflections mini-series, we’ve been in conversation with Nathan Doe, of the popular homewares business, John Doe of Diss. This family firm first began selling carpets in the East Anglian region in 1983, and now has a workforce of some 50 employees.
Swiss Camplings Laundry featured image

Swiss Camplings

Richard Turvill, Managing Director

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There’s no denying that the hospitality industry was devastatingly hard hit by the pandemic. But what happens when you’re a key supplier to that sector? How does a business weather the storm and exist ‘in limbo’?
Infusions Group team photo

The Infusions Group

John Jackaman, Founder & Managing Director

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Based in West Suffolk, the umbrella brand has four core areas of trade – a restaurant, cook school, an eCommerce business selling ingredients and equipment to chefs worldwide, and a dry stores business supplying restaurants and hotels in East Anglia.
omega ingredients limited case study featured image

Omega Ingredients Limited

Steve Pearce, Chief Executive

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Having experienced significant growth and momentum, by 2020, Omega was in need of a greater structure and strategy to its HR approach.
Heavenly Hair

Heavenly Hair

Janene Bush, Founder & Director

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Given the beauty industry has been closed for so much of the last 12 months, it’s been a challenging time for this ambitious businesswoman – but something she’s faced head on, with a determination to come out fighting.

Best of Suffolk

Abi Charter, Marketing Manager

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The pandemic has forced the company to think on its toes and for certain working practices to be rightfully challenged. Working from home has not been previously considered at Best of Suffolk, but the advantages have been clearly seen.
marketplace Amp image

marketplace amp Ltd

Aime Southgate, Founder and Director

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MAD-HR assisted in the recruitment process for the next phase of the company’s growth, supporting the team through interviews, vetting applicants and leading on psychometric testing.
Strategic HR Change Case Study: Ipswich Building Society

Ipswich Building Society

Paul Winter, Chief Executive

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Ipswich Building Society has achieved successful growth during the tenure of Chief Executive Paul Winter. Their heritage as a mutual business naturally drove a family style culture with high employee and member satisfaction rates. However, in 2015 Paul could see that the market was becoming increasingly more competitive and that the Society would need to implement strategic change to ensure future success and counteract the effects of new competition.

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