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Elmwood Brand Consultancy

David Godber, Group CEO

David Godber has been working with Charlotte Bate since 2005 and describes her as his trusted go-to person, for all matters HR.  From a senior leader with thirty years’ experience in industry with a proven track record in building high- profile, high–performance teams, that is a true compliment and accolade to Charlotte’s approach and skill base.
Best of Suffolk Case Study

Best of Suffolk, Best Escapes & Best Estates.

Alex Tarry, Founder and Director

Alex Tarry runs three highly successful businesses - Best of Suffolk, Best Escapes and Best Estates. A business portfolio, which allow him to combine his love of Suffolk, his passion for property, and his expertise in marketing.
Smart Garden Offices Case Study

Smart Garden Offices

Debi Knott, Managing Director

“With hindsight, we should have called in an HR expert earlier. We had experienced rapid growth year on year which meant we were in need of a re-structure and a strategic review of our ever-growing, and fast expanding the team. “
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Montage Communications

Aime Southgate, Founder and Director

Employment Law is forever changing, and compliance is crucial. MAD-HR can provide support and advice in different ways to ensure their clients are fully aware of their legal obligations. Aime and her team use the online support available, as well as face to face. 
Strategic HR Change Case Study: Ipswich Building Society

Strategic Change Case Study: MAD-HR and Ipswich Building Society

Paul Winter, Chief Executive

Ipswich Building Society has achieved successful growth during the tenure of Chief Executive Paul Winter. Their heritage as a mutual business naturally drove a family style culture with high employee and member satisfaction rates. However, in 2015 Paul could see that the market was becoming increasingly more competitive and that the Society would need to implement strategic change to ensure future success and counteract the effects of new competition.

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