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Well-trained, motivated people are one of your greatest assets

Achieve exceptional results

Develop people to lead the way in your organisation and your industry

Interactive and relatable

When training is an ‘experience’ it has the biggest impact

Measurable return on training investment

Our specialist training leaves a lasting and noticeable impact

Inspiring and actionable

Delegates leave feeling empowered, motivated and knowledgeable

Expert HR that enables you to fulfil your goals

  • E-learning courses

  • HR Heroes

  • Real-play not role-play

  • Energetic, acclaimed trainers

Investing in your people has unlimited potential for return. Our training is refreshing and lively and the return doesn’t stop when it ends – in fact, it doesn’t stop.

Our training is designed to stay with people throughout their careers, positively impacting your organisation daily. It can be tailored to you – from in-house or at venues throughout the region or through online video conferencing (including our ever-popular HR Heroes events), to our E-learning courses delivered straight to your inbox.

The benefits in full

We don’t just want to inform your people, we want to inspire them, motivate them, empower them and give them the tools and the confidence to enhance your organisation by doing this for others.

Good training isn’t a tick in a box – it’s something people talk about for years to come; it’s something they recall when making decisions throughout their careers; it’s knowledge that they pass onto others.

We want your people to come away from our training and approach their roles in noticeably different ways – because great training makes a difference.

To add a completely different dimension to our courses, we may also use experienced actors to ensure the delegate experience is as realistic as possible.

Feedback from delegates is overwhelmingly positive for use of this practical element of the training. This is particularly impactful with topics such as interviewing skills, appraisal skills, communication skills, leadership skills, dealing with conflict and disciplinary and grievance handling.

We have never had anyone who has not enjoyed and benefited from the experience. Be assured, this is not role-playing as most people know it; we prefer to call it ‘real play’.

Many organisations promote from within, without providing the required training support. Equally, many HR initiatives are implemented, such as appraisals and 1-2-1s, without equipping the manager on how to do these effectively.

In order to ensure the greatest return on your investment in your HR activities, effective training and development is a necessity, not a “nice to have”.

We work with our clients to gain a clear understanding of the expectations they have from their training investment, as well as the individuals participating in the course.

Our time spent together is valuable, therefore we aim to get the greatest bang for the client’s buck, providing pre-course work, assessments to understand baseline knowledge and to measure the learning of participants, and evaluation post-training to determine how the participants have used their knowledge and skills gained.

We find slide shows boring too. So, we use experts with real-life expertise who also happen to excel at livening up a room full of people on a grey Tuesday morning, inspiring them, motivating them and equipping them with new skills they can start using right away.
We get to know your business, it’s culture, goals, processes and practices and we ensure that your training is tailored to enable to participants to transfer their learning into their everyday activities.
The real value of training is the impact it has when delegates leave. We know people love our courses, they leave inspired and motivated, however, we also know the day job hits them the second they leave, so we look at ways that the learning can be brought to life, forming new habits that will serve the delegate and organisation well into the future.
We work with all levels, from business owners, senior leaders, middle management, supervisors and aspiring leaders preparing for their first managerial step. Our coaching and development solutions are transformational, building the capability of the team rather than creating a dependence.

"Our team is packed with expert consultants with real-life experience working in organisations like yours."

Charlotte Bate

Director with 20 years of experience in HR

Meet our team

Training and Coaching

Training and developing your team, not only makes them better at what they do, it makes them statistically more likely to stay on your team. People make your business and making your business the best that it can be isn’t just about hiring the most talented people – it’s also about recognising the talent that you already have and developing that. With combined HR experience of over 200 (!) years, our team is very good at recognising talent. Whether you want to discuss your training needs and develop something in partnership or you want to enrol on one of our regular courses, contact us today.

And don’t forget about our E-Learning courses – bite-size, relevant courses, delivered straight to your inbox in bite-sized chunks to be completed in your own time or our HR Heroes modules.

Concerned about compliance? Need advice with a specific problem or project? Or perhaps now is the time for you to get a full HR Team of experts behind you, for support or help growing your business? MAD-HR provides the full range of Outsourced HR services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful questions and answers about “Training & Coaching”

Why is training important in the workplace?

Training enhances the skills and capability of your team, boosting productivity to ensure that employees are competent and contribute.

What is coaching in the workplace?

Workplace coaching is a process of helping coachees to develop their skills, overcome challenges and achieve professional success.

What are e-learning courses?

E-learning is training that is delivered online. It enables learners to acquire knowledge and skills remotely via interactive content at a convenient time.

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