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HR headaches? When you need help we're only a phone call away

Expertise when needed

Dedicated and experienced HR advice just a phone call away

No on-going commitment

Whether you need us for a morning or a few days

On-site or remote support

We’re there whenever you need us, wherever you need us

Tailored to your requirements

For smaller jobs or larger projects, we have the expertise you need

Expert support available when you need it

  • There when you need us

  • Expertise matched to your issue

  • In-house or on-call

  • Small jobs or large projects

All businesses require HR Support, but not all businesses need HR Support every day. People problems (and opportunities) can manifest with little warning. Our HR Helpline service is designed to be there when you need it most.

Our team is experienced and efficient in solving challenging HR issues like disciplinaries or grievances and our know-how can relieve the stress of difficult procedures like redundancies.

If you are in need of immediate HR support please contact us today. 

The benefits in full

We know that you may not need HR support every day but when you do need it, you really need it – and quickly.

So, we set up our HR Helpline, giving you access to our collective 200 years’ (!) worth of HR experience whenever you need it.

Whether you just need to get some professional advice about a specific problem or you want us to come in and work on a longer-term project with you – we have the expertise you need.

Other than a minimum charge time of four hours (and if you only need us for two hours – we’ll look for ways that we can help you for the other two), there is no ongoing commitment.

We’ll listen to you, ensure that we fully understand your problem or need and then we’ll agree all costs with you upfront. Being honest and transparent is as important to us as it is to you.

Whether you need support by phone and email or you want us to come in and work alongside you, we’ll adapt what we do to fit your needs.

For some clients, having us at the other end of the phone or email is reassurance enough, others need us to attend meetings or even work alongside their existing HR personnel as an extra pair of hands.

With our collective HR experience adding up to an unbelievable 200+ years, there aren’t many HR issues we haven’t encountered before.

We will ensure that we fully understand your HR problems or opportunities then we will match you with our dedicated HR expert who has proven success in that particular area.

And whether you need us to help you manage one difficult employee or a larger project, such as merging existing teams, you will have our full support for as long as you need it.

"Our team is packed with expert consultants with real-life experience working in organisations like yours."

Charlotte Bate

Director with 20 years of experience in HR

Meet our team

The HR Helpline, AKA your ‘Pop-Up’ HR Manager

Someone once described our HR helpline as being like having their own ‘Pop-up’ HR Manager and we loved that. We designed the HR Helpline so that our clients could have the reassurance of an entire HR Team backing them – just when they needed us. Our aim is to alleviate your HR frustrations and worries, make problems manageable and find workable solutions that make your organisation work better.

Want to create a better culture in your business? Want happier, more motivated teams? Planning to grow or sell your business? We can help you with your HR problems but we have also helped hundreds of businesses realise their vision with retained and strategic HR services.

Whether you just need that added peace of mind that comes with knowing you are fully HR compliant or you want to make HR work harder for you, browse our range of services or contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful questions and answers about “HR Helpline”

What type of companies use the MAD-HR Helpline service?

MAD-HR have a wide ranging client base and we proudly support across all industries of public, private and not for profit sectors. Although most of our clients are SME's, our experienced team support new employers, taking on their first employee through to head counts in the hundreds or even thousands.

Is there a minimum contract length for the HR Helpline?

The HR Helpline is a flexible solution without a minimum contract length. We simply support you when you need us.

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