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Our HR experts drive your business forward and take your team with you

Organisational Review

Do you have the culture, capability and capacity to meet the challenges ahead?

Identifying opportunities for change

We can evaluate your entire organisation, looking for areas to improve

Strategies that achieve your goals

Our team has 200+ years (!) of HR experience and hundreds of recommendations

Positively facilitating change

How you make changes is everything. We’ll make them successfully.

Expert HR that enables you to fulfil your goals

  • Optimisation of HR processes

  • 200+ years of unrivalled expertise

  • From employees to influencers

  • The culture for your vision

The leaders of the world’s largest organisations share a key understanding when it comes to sustainable and profitable growth: if you want to reach the top, you have to take your people with you.

We begin with a deep dive into the DNA of your business, ensuring it is underpinned by spectacular leadership, development and communication. We work in partnership to identify what will accelerate your business and then we really make a difference. These are just some of the ways our clients have won numerous awards, including being recognised regionally and nationally for being great employers and businesses!

The benefits in full

Our Strategic clients are not looking for a ‘yes-team’, they are looking to us to ask the big questions. Our first question is always, ‘what will success look like?’ and our second question is ‘what are you already doing and how are you doing it?’.

From there we can provide you with an overview of your organisation as a whole – from a 360-degree perspective via your people.

Because the way your team see your business is as important as the way your leaders see your business – after all who is looking after your customers?

The MAD in MAD-HR stands for Make A Difference.

This drives everything we do and we are proud to have helped clients refine the way they work.

You may already know which changes need to be made in order for your organisation to evolve and we can help you make them – but we can also bring a fresh perspective, using our expertise and combined HR-leadership experience of 200+ (!) years to identify further changes you can make.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or you know where you need to be but need our expertise to get there – we can help.

We’ve made a difference to hundreds of businesses and would love to share our strategic HR success stories with you.

The changes you make will only make a positive difference if they are facilitated well.

We’ll work alongside you to implement change in a way that is positive and gets the right people on board at the right times.

From attending board meetings to providing training and coaching – as well as advising you on how and when to communicate with your teams to create the smoothest transitions or the most enthusiasm.

We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your organisation changes for the better and in a way that everyone – from your board members to your teams to your customers and stakeholders – notices.

"Our team is packed with expert consultants with real-life experience working in organisations like yours."

Charlotte Bate

Director with 20 years of experience in HR

Meet our team

Strategic HR Consultancy

Whatever your vision, our portfolio of expert HR Directors can help you achieve it. MAD-HR is recommended for Making A Difference to businesses that lead the way in their sector. Our collective experience is unrivalled and we are keen to share some of our success stories with you – then turn you into one of our success stories!

We would love to arrange an initial ‘Discovery Call’ with you, so that we can get an understanding of your organisation as it is now and how you would like it to be in the future and so that we can answer any initial questions you may have.

If you’re ready to get started and want to know more, contact us today.

In addition to our Strategic HR services, we provide the full range of Outsourced HR services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful questions and answers about “Strategic HR Consultancy”

What is Strategic HR?

Strategic HR means that activity is aligned with organisational goals. It purposefully sets a road map of medium and long-term planning with clear measures of success.

How can I be more strategic in HR?

Identify long term goals and challenges and map your solutions to contribute to achieving these goals.

How do I create a strategic HR plan?

Once the goals have been defined, assess your start point so that you can identify gaps. Pick the key priorities, make your plan with a clear deliverables and then implement it.

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