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Strategic HR Consultancy

Key Features

  • Director-level experts
  • Managing HR Strategic projects
  • Plan for growth or change
  • Build the right skills
  • Secure the right culture
  • Retain great people
  • Harness employee potential

Strategic HR Consultancy – Planning to succeed

As your business grows and develops you’ll need more in-depth HR support to ensure you have the right human resources and skills to support your company’s future goals. Our Strategic HR Consultancy provides you with just that, in-depth HR support.

Issues such as staff development, leadership and team development will become key to make sure your business’s growth remains on course.

Our Strategic Consultants look at the big picture, they look at HR as a tool to reach your commercial goals, to ensure your team is ready to meet any challenge.

Understanding how you want your business to develop is only part of the puzzle. If you are to achieve your goals it’s important to make sure your strategy takes into account the development of your people to meet the future needs of your business, including:

  • Leadership development
  • Management & Legal training
  • Coaching
  • Customer service training
  • Team development
  • Performance management

Our Consultants will work with you to find out what is needed to push your business forward, and then design and implement a plan that will align your staffing needs with your goals.

Strategic HR consultancy can not only help you to build your reputation as a good employer but, quite simply, it provides fresh eyes and helps you see the wood for the trees, removing your own resource pressures.

Get in touch today and we’ll help to get your business fighting fit.

Get in touch today and we’ll help to get your business fighting fit

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At the point in my business where I needed to start employing staff I had nothing, no employment contracts, no policies, nothing, so I contacted Carole at MAD-HR for assistance to enable my business to get to the next level in a professional and secure way.

After a series of conversations, Carole quickly established my requirements and provided the contracts and policies I needed to take the business forward. I feel that the risks associated with employment were clearly explained and these were mitigated with the content of the documents provided.

I won’t hesitate to use Carole’s services again and I thoroughly recommend MAD-HR to other businesses.