1,795 hours. It’s a lot, isn’t it?

That’s the amount of hours the average UK employee spends working every year.

No wonder we at MAD-HR believe it’s important to work in a business you like, doing a role you enjoy, with clients and colleagues you respect.

Fancy joining us?

MAD-HR was deliberately built upon an ethos of ‘making a difference’. That means making a difference to our clients, our communities, and the staff who become part of our close-knit team.

We care passionately about employee wellbeing, about career progression, and about generating and experiencing the kind of work which fulfils and furthers you – no matter where you are in your professional lifespan.

Ours is a hybrid working model, allowing our staff to experience full and thorough trust, respect and empowerment, while still ensuring everyone feels part of a team construct, and benefits from that valuable support and collaboration.

Whether it’s your passion for HR, client satisfaction, or you’re simply compelled to get in touch because you believe we’d be a ‘good fit’ for you, please do drop us a line.

You’re not content with being content and comfortable.

You’re keen to explore your career potential, to challenge what you don’t know, and enhance what you do.

You live and breathe our PARIS values.

You’re more than capable of managing your own workload, but you also value the collaboration and contact which comes from being part of a great team.

If you’re ready for a change in direction, please get in touch.

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