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Growing Your Business with a Winning Team

16th Oct 2017
Business, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership

Your business will only be as successful as your team. A simple fact and possibly the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs. The market can be open, your product or service optimally priced and of the desired...

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Business Networking – Rapport and Relationship Building

16th Oct 2017
Business, Networking

Networking is a vital part of any successful business. Whether you choose to network formally through attending networking meetings, or whether you take the informal route, you still need to know what you are doing...

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Why Should Every Employer Care About The Culture of Their Business?

26th Sep 2017
Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human Resources

Culture can be hard to define. It can be considered how organisation’s conduct their business – “how we do things around here”.  It is the system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which have a...

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What is the first thing you should do when your star performer resigns?

20th Sep 2017
Employee Engagement, Employment Law, Human Resources, Recruitment

There is no longer an expectation of a job for life with the average Briton having six different employers during their career.  It can be an upheaval in the largest of organisations, but for an...

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Training and Development – How to Maximise Delegate Buy-in?

15th Sep 2017
Human Resources, Leadership, Training

As a manager, or the lead for training and development in your organisation, you may have identified a skill gap, and feel you have a bonafide case for investing in training whether for an individual...

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Desk with computer and paper ready for HR meeting.

Do You Have The HR Professional Support You Need To Take Your Business Forward?

5th Sep 2017
Employment Law, Human Resources, Leadership, Recruitment, Training

The past 24 months have certainly seen a dramatic change in the economy. Brexit, the unexpected General Election, indeed the unexpected General Election result, and shifts in earnings, employment and inflation, have all impacted on...

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MAD HR New Anglia Growth Hub Webinar

17th Aug 2017
Employment Law, Human Resources, Leadership, Recruitment

Our very own Charlotte Bate took part in a webinar for the New Anglia Growth Hub, entitled 'An Introduction to Employing People'. The webinar runs through various elements that businesses should consider when employing staff....

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Hiring Someone – What You Need to Know

17th Aug 2017
Employment Law, Human Resources, Leadership, Recruitment

You may have set up your business from your kitchen table last year, or jumped straight into premises with the intention of going global. Whatever your business plan, growth and success normally results in the...

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Leading by Example – Maintaining Your Edge

4th Aug 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership, Training

A growing, forward thinking company will have strong leadership to drive the organisation’s strategic programme forward and ensure their team have the skills and abilities to meet their challenges. You can read more about leadership...

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The Christmas Party – How to Keep it Professional

4th Aug 2017
Employee Engagement, Human Resources

Whilst you may be thinking about staff scheduling to cover the peak summer holiday period, or dreaming of your own week away on the beach, August is the busiest month for the hospitality industry in...

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attract millennials to your business

How to attract millennials to your business

12th Jul 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Recruitment, Training

After the Baby Boomers came Generation X, and now it’s the Millennials who will soon be making up at least half the workforce and are inevitably the future of employment.  With a wealth of talent...

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HR software systems

How can HR software systems help your business?

12th Jul 2017
Absence Management, Change Management, Human Resources, Payroll, Recruitment, Training

Historically Human Resources has been seen as an administrative function,  often an add-on to the office manager or even secretary’s role, frequently neglected in start-ups until either growth or an issue demanded attention... Nowadays, growing...

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improve value you get from your meetings

5 ways to improve value you get from your meetings

12th Jul 2017
Employee Engagement, Leadership

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, meetings form a major part of work communication and management strategies.  Google currently reports results from recent surveys citing that on average 16 hours a week can be spent in...

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managing HR in small businesses

5 Top Tips on managing HR in a small business

12th Jul 2017
Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Human Resources

If you ask a start-up business about their marketing plan, their pricing strategy or their social media approach, most will be able to give answers. However, if you ask about their HR strategic plan and...

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How to get ready for the GDPR data protection changes

1st Jul 2017
Employment Law, Human Resources

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to be implemented on 25 May 2018.  The UK's decision to leave the EU by the end of April 2019 does not mean that impending EU legislation...

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How to be a trusted and authentic leader

15th Jun 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership

Being a competent manager or having a senior position does not automatically make a leader.  A leader connects with those they seek to lead. They inspire, encourage and empower their team. Whilst there is certainly...

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How to effectively manage a team

How to Effectively Manage A Team

8th Jun 2017

Knowing how to effectively manage a team is essential to being an effective leader. The people skills you need to manage a team, drive productivity and maintain motivation and vision are key leadership skills. In 2015...

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retaining talent

Here’s why you’re losing talent from your business

2nd Jun 2017
Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership, Recruitment

Finding, gaining and retaining talent is key for businesses to succeed, particularly in today's world. We share our top HR advice and insight into why you might be losing yours. Your recruitment process… A recruitment...

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value based recruitment

Recruiting for Values

2nd Jun 2017
Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership, Recruitment

Do you appoint a new recruit based on their skills to meet the job criteria alone, or do you look at the bigger picture and take into account the applicant’s attitude, views and values? Recruiting...

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what triggers the need for HR support

What triggers the need for HR support?

2nd Jun 2017
Change Management, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Recruitment

Often businesses start without expert HR support but even the most adept entrepreneur will need qualified support to effectively manage people issues before long. The frustration of spending time on non-revenue generating activities becomes too...

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I’m so pleased to recommend Carole from MAD-HR Ltd. We’ve known each other for a while and she really is one of those people who consistently inspires and gives great guidance, every time.

Carole has lots of experience and is a skilled HR professional but I’d say above all, she has the ability to actively listen and that’s what makes her so good. Once she understands the issue, she gives measured answers that are appropriate and practicable.

Thanks for all your help Carole!