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Integrated HR Support

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Proactive planning for success

Done right, HR can steer your business wherever you want it to go

Total peace of mind

The complete reassurance you’d expect from a team like ours

Expert HR that enables you to fulfil your goals

  • Just like an in-house team

  • Your HR needs anticipated

  • Accountable and results driven

  • Fixed costs make us cost-effective

You need to fulfil day-to-day HR functions – and you’d probably like to grow your business or just make it the best that it can be by hiring and retaining talented, motivated people.

Our Retained HR service works like an ‘in-house’ HR department – but with more focus and without the complexities. We bring 200+ (!) years of expertise, a fresh perspective and a results-driven focus – for a fixed cost, making us much more cost-effective than paying per project.

The benefits in full

In partnership with you, we develop a plan for the whole year and ‘slot’ into your business just as an in-house team would, helping you with both the day-to-day HR challenges and compliances and the bigger picture.

But you have none of the complexities of hiring an in-house team and don’t need to divert resources away from leadership. In addition, because we are ‘external’, we can provide that fresh perspective in which solutions are so often found.

We will work with you in a hands-on way, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are fully compliant and can handle any HR issue that crops up.

Our Retained HR service includes a dedicated day of consultancy each month so that we can help you grow and refine your business, hire the people you want and create the culture that will realise your vision and ensure you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Between us, the MAD-HR team have a whopping 200+ years of HR experience!

Not only are there not many HR challenges we haven’t come across before, but it is likely that between us we will have proven success in whatever HR projects you need us for on any given month.

We will tailor our expertise to you, ensuring that the best expert from our team is dedicated to your business.

The MAD in MAD-HR stands for Make A Difference.

Wanting to make a tangible, noticeable difference to every business we work with is at the heart of everything we do.

HR isn’t just about problem-solving or ‘putting out fires’. Done right, HR can steer your organisation in the direction you want to go in.

We not only aim to anticipate your needs and challenges before they arise, we want to help you recruit and retain the best people, keeping them motivated and creating the culture that will make your vision a reality.

We will plan an entire year ahead with you, ensuring that we stay accountable and focused.

If you had the confidence of knowing that you had a full team of HR experts backing you, what would you do differently?

We will ensure that you are always fully compliant, one step ahead of changes to the law which could affect you and fully equipped to deal with any people problems (or opportunities) as they arise.

You can sleep easy enjoying the total reassurance that comes with having a dedicated HR team who are fully invested in your success.

"Our team is packed with expert consultants with real-life experience working in organisations like yours.

Charlotte Bate

Director with 20 years of experience in HR

Meet our team

Retained HR Consultancy

If you want the peace of mind that comes with having a team of HR experts, without the complexity of bringing HR in-house, our Retained HR service might be for you. Because costs are fixed and agreed up front, you don’t end up with unplanned consultancy fees no matter what HR issues you encounter. And because we work in partnership with you, putting together a plan of what you want to achieve within a certain time frame, our work is focused, measurable and accountable.

Ready to revolutionise your organisation? Whether you want to create real change in your teams or disrupt your sector, our team of leading HR Directors can deliver quality HR support that will really make a difference.

Whatever direction you want to go in, we can be with you at every step, with our range of Outsourced HR Services, designed with every type of organisation in mind. To discuss your needs and what we could achieve together, simply contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful questions and answers about “Retained HR Consultancy”

What is HR consulting?

HR consulting is bringing in specialist professionals to advise and support on all matters HR from operational to strategic.

What is an HR consultant?

An HR consultant advises on HR practices, strategies and policies to support the organisation to meet their goals.

How much do HR consultants charge?

The level of investment required for HR consulting will vary based on the scope, project complexity and expertise required so it is important to have a clear brief. We would be pleased to explore your requirements to give you a specific proposal that meets your needs.

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