Achieving business growth is difficult, no matter how big or small you are. It can put a strain on you and your team, but more importantly, it can lead to unhappy customers as delivery deadlines are extended or corners are cut to save time.

Consequently, extra strain is placed on the cashflow of the company and growth is then limited by the ability to purchase extra stock, machinery and equipment or vehicles.

As the potential challenges you face when developing your business can be difficult to identify, particularly when you are so involved in the day to day operation, a seminar is taking place on Tuesday 31 October at the University of Suffolk in Ipswich. The event aims to show business owners how to anticipate and recognise the obstacles impeding business growth, as well as giving practical advice and guidance on how to take your business forward.

Several organisations are partnering together to deliver the breakfast event which runs from 7.45am to 10.30am at the Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre. These include: MAD-HR, Lloyds Bank, New Anglia Growth Hub, Spider. Fixed Fee Web Recruitment, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and The Business Coaching, Mentoring and Training Centre.