A friendly and informal forum for local business owners. A chance to discuss ideas and gain inspiration from other like-minded people on how to make a business more profitable.

The modern workplace is changing. In today’s competitive climate, managing a successful business requires an understanding of how these changes affect the performance of a business. With more and more people working remotely it is becoming increasingly important for business leaders to find new ways to increase workplace collaboration and to keep employees engaged and happy.

We look at the trends that are having the greatest impact on how businesses operate and what they mean for you. These trends are bound to touch almost every business in some way, and preparing for them now will keep you moving forward into the future.

This event is free of charge for your first attendance, £25 thereafter. Due to the popularity of these events, places are limited to two representatives per business. However, if you would like to invite clients or contacts to join you, as your guests, please do.