Managing a neurodiverse employee can be seen as a significant challenge to an employer.

This free workshop (which includes breakfast) aims to challenge preconceptions and enable leaders to see neurodivergence as a business advantage when neurodiverse colleagues are supported and managed effectively.

1-hour face-to-face workshop event to cover the following:

  • To understand the difference between a range of neurodiversity types
  • The benefits and skills of the different neurodivergent types
  • How to get the best from neurodiverse employees
  • How to make impactful reasonable adjustments to support neurodivergent employees
  • The legal position
  • Where to find additional employer resources on neurodiversity.

Practical, pragmatic advice from Lucy Pakes, Senior HR Consultant at MAD-HR on how to manage neurodiversity in the workplace with support from:

  • Kelly Sayers is an employment law specialist at Top 100 Law Firm Keystone Law. She has spent over 20 years advising employers on all aspects of employment law and people-related issues. Living in a neurodiverse family herself she has a particular interest in neurodiversity and equality.
  • James Kindred is a local entrepreneur and late-diagnosed Autistic & ADHD. Alongside founding Big Drop Brewing Co and running a brand and digital consultancy, Fork, James works with regional and national neurodiversity and suicide prevention charities to progress understanding and awareness of Neurodivergence.

“I found it really insightful listening to James, it was great to hear how he manages his symptoms. It really made me think differently and how we can help support our workforce.” – Jessica Davis, Norse Group Ltd