Your brand plays a big part in how people perceive your business. Successful brands are carefully crafted to represent core values such as trust and integrity.

You want clients, customers and the public to view your business positively, therefore it is important to proactively define your brand under your own terms. This way you can set your place in the market, and define your company’s image before the market sets this for you.

Creating your company brand is only the beginning of a never-ending process. Unfortunately, your reputation and place in the market can be harmed by forces outside of your control. This negative force can come from competitors, the public or even your own employees.

MAD-HR are here to help. On September 8th 2021 we are hosting a webinar in conjunction with Ward Trade Marks and Cyberscale titled ‘Protecting your Brand’.

Key points that the session will cover:

  • Trade marks – A fundamental business asset
  • What makes a strong trademark
  • Trademark (brand) protection strategy
  • What is your employer brand?
  • Why is it important to protect your employer brand?
  • Top tips on what you can do to protect your Employer Brand
  • Cyber attacks and data breaches – who’s to blame?
  • Cyber Security vs Cyber Resilience
  • What’s in a Security Incident Response plan, and how does it help?

Who will the session be useful for?

Business Leaders, Business Owners, Managers