Your brand plays a big part in how people perceive your business. Successful brands are carefully crafted to represent core values such as trust and integrity. During this free webinar, we will be exploring ways entrepreneurs and SMEs can protect their brand.

Our very own Charlotte Bate Director of MAD-HR will be revealing how employer branding affects your business and will share practical tips for protecting your reputation as a good employer.

Other Guest Speakers:

Darren Chapman, Director & Principal Security Consultant at CyberScale Ltd. will be discussing where the blame may lay when Cyber attacks and data breaches occur. Darren will also be talking about the difference between Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience and the importance of creating a Security Incident Response plan.

CyberScale are a Norwich based Cyber Security consultancy.  At CyberScale, we understand security. We also understand that cybersecurity and data protection can be confusing and hard to keep up with, especially without dedicated staff. We’ll translate threats and regulations into what’s relevant to your small or medium sized business, and explain everything in a clear, non-technical way.

Bill Ward, Co-Founder of Ward Trade Marks Ltd will focus on practical steps that you can take to protect your business and your brand, to ensure that you only need to focus on growing and optimising your brand value as a business and an employer.

Ward Trade Marks is a company focused on providing you with complete peace of mind, which we do through our specialised legal advice and unrivalled expertise in the field of trade mark law.  We work to give business owners a superior level of professional and friendly service in trade mark protection.

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