We are delighted to be hosting a webinar in collaboration with Community Action Suffolk about the challenges that the voluntary and charitable sectors are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, organisations within these sectors are facing very difficult decisions about how to best manage their resources in order to survive this ongoing, challenging climate.  As a result, in many cases, this sadly requires the need to make redundancies.

Tracey Munro, HR Consultant at MAD-HR, will host the webinar, offering participants a better a understanding of how to plan for and manage the process fairly, responsibly and legally. The session will cover:

  • Planning for redundancy
  • Communication and Consultation
  • Managing the process of redundancy
  • Legal requirements
  • Outplacement support for employees

Tickets are £10 and available by using through the ‘Book Now’ button.

About Tracey Munro

Tracey Munro is an experienced Senior HR professional with over 30 years-experience and founded her early career within the financial services sector, providing in-house support in senior HR management roles.

Following six years of running the family construction business, she turned to HR consultancy over 10 years ago with one of the largest HR consultancies in the UK, where she specialised in employment law, before to joining the MAD-HR team in early 2019. Covering the East of England region, Tracey delivers pragmatic, expert HR guidance and support to clients across Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and beyond.  She works with a wide variety of clients, utilising her vast experience in SME’s and the third sector, as well as regulated industries such as health and social care, construction and financial services.  Education is also a sector which she knows well, having worked with both ISI and OFSTED regulated entities – from pre-schools and nurseries at the EYFS stage through to secondary schools and tertiary environments such as colleges and universities.

Building capability is a passion of Tracey’s and she works closely with clients to coach, support and guide them to develop their capability and confidence rather than creating a dependence.  Utilising these skills, Tracey has also helped to develop the confidence and employability of school children as part of her charitable work, which has been incredibly well received by the school and pupils.