COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges that has ever been faced by business leaders. The pandemic continues to raise competing challenges, and a seemingly never ending series of challenges for which we have no precedent.

Leaders are contending with an overwhelming number of logistical, operational and financial challenges. Each challenge demands a swift response, and intense management focus and clarity. Leaders are prone to focus on every aspect of the challenge except their own personal needs.

Great leaders focus first on the wellbeing of those around them, offering support and guidance. This requires huge reserves of resilience. The phenomenal pace of the rise of COVID-19 has tested this resilience in deep ways that we were unaware existed just a few months ago.

If leaders do not acknowledge the increased personal stresses they risk significant damage to their own wellbeing, productivity and both personal and professional relationships. When a great leader is suffering, their company suffers.

When senior leaders position themselves as role models they prove they have the insight that will guide the organisation through difficult times.

Effective leaders show they understand the importance of evolving, rather than telling their staff to evolve. This approach is reinforced in part by a culture of constructive feedback that can freely travel up the chain of command, as well as trickling down.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is starting to feel like a marathon. Business leaders are getting through it with passion and perseverance. A.K.A ‘Grit’.

Grit is the ability to persist in something you feel passionate about. Grit gives us the perseverance needed to overcome obstacles. Here at MAD-HR we will help you develop your GRIT.


If you book your place, and give us just an hour of your time, we’ll give you three experts who will help you build your resilience.  This event will feature guest speakers;

  • Wendy Smith – Performance Coach & Paralympian
  • Dr Joanna Baines – Leading clinical psychologist from Three Eggs Mental Health Training
  • Charlotte Bate, MAD-HR Director