Orbital global

Providing world-leading digital services and technology solutions for many sectors, Orbital Global is a hugely successful business which continues to grow at pace.


Orbital Global is one of only a select few businesses to have been selected to become part of the Innovate UK Scale-Up programme, an initiative supporting highly ambitious and disruptive companies.

Throughout the last two decades, its CEO Peter Brady has led the firm on a mission of pioneering excellence, creating digital service solutions in areas like healthcare, consumer brands and gaming.

The business now has a rising headcount of 25, and is poised to announce a variety of pioneering technology innovations in the year ahead.

“MAD-HR never fail to deliver on service”

“The Mad-HR Toolkit is invaluable for its up-to-date documents, and I find they provide added value for the advice which is an integral part of the document.” Read the full review

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The background

While adhoc approaches to HR had always previously been sufficient for Orbital, Peter came to realise that a more consistent ‘partnered’ solution might be better for the pace and advancement of his business.

The business had considered having an employed person to do the task, but instead felt finding the right HR consultancy would be key to success.

Four years ago, Orbital found out about MAD-HR and were quickly impressed with how keen the team were to understand the company’s objectives, its core business, and what would be needed to achieve a successful HR solution.

Two key factors played a part in wanting to embed the right practitioner – saving time and effort; and achieving full compliance which would be able to keep pace with Orbital’s growth.

The case for support

Unlike some businesses who seek an HR partner at a time of significant upheaval or challenge, Orbital sought a new solution in line with its own rapid growth, and a firm desire to ensure that the company would always be as up to date as possible with regulations and practices.

At the same time, recruitment was progressing at pace, and a number of new staff were being brought on in any 12-month period.

These factors, and the sheer ‘busy-ness’ of the directors, called for a collaboration with an HR provider that would be very experienced, very capable at learning the ins and outs of the client firm, and able to respond and react without constant scrutiny.

Peter also felt he wanted to find the partner which would be comfortable in advising him of areas where Orbital might want to improve or excel at.

The approach

In 2018, Orbital elected to commit to the MAD-HR Online Toolkit.

This unique approach from MAD-HR provides an affordable comprehensive HR portal, complete with hundreds of documents, templates and policies – all of which are fully up to date, and which can be customised by a client business.

For Orbital, this solution was ideal.

It was easy to use, cost the same set fee once per month, and enabled a time effective and low-cost way of being compliant and well informed.

The beauty of the Toolkit is that the client can also take advantage of a 24-hour legal helpline, and the chance to have further conversations or clarification with the MAD-HR professionals as needed.

Peter says: “For us, this was just the perfect way to move ourselves forward and gain a really robust and fully compliant HR approach for our rapidly growing business.

“In our particular field of work, I was conscious of how quickly regulations were changing, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss any element of those updates.

“Their platform was an excellent way to approach what Orbital needed.

“Having regular dialogue with the MAD-HR team was a further bonus.”

The verdict

Orbital has continued to reap the benefit of its relationship with MAD-HR, and has hugely valued the access to an ever enhancing library of documents and policies.

Peter says: “It’s so easy to make mistakes with something as important and as detailed as HR, so having good quality advice and the resources you need at the time you need them, is critical in preventing you making mistakes.

“We’re working on such exciting things at the moment in Orbital – everything from our work with artificial intelligence and extended reality, to gamification and healthcare deployment to help ensure patients are better served in how they are engaging in consultations or using their medications.

“All this means that we’re a very busy company, and as the director of a business of that nature, you want an efficient way of understanding and managing the latest rules around HR matters. For us, the solution we have with MAD-HR is therefore ideal.”

Top client tip

“Be really open with the HR provider about what your company is trying to achieve by engaging an outsourced solution, and where you’re heading as a business.

The more a team like MAD-HR can understand you and your longer term goals and objectives, the better they are able to help you in an efficient and timely manner which works for both parties.”

To read more about the work of Orbital, go to www.orbitalmedia.com