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Infusions Group discovers the secret ingredient to seamless HR

Based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Infusions Group are food specialists with several arms of the business: premier distribution for professional and hobby chefs worldwide; an online shop proffering ingredients, equipment and more; a cookery school and development kitchen; and a café serving up delicious sourdough pizzas, burgers and the like.

We sat down with John Jackaman, founder and managing director of Infusions Group to discuss his thoughts on our Online HR Toolkit, and how it has aided his business in providing peace of mind to know that he is compliant and had access to the documentation and tools that he needed to support his growing business.

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A self-confessed ‘control freak’, John explained to us how the Online HR Toolkit has satisfied his management style, saying that he can log on to the Toolkit user area, and ‘explore anything from application forms, to collecting data, to policies, to procedures, to training’, covering every area that needs his attention. The Toolkit is perfect for those who want to keep a track on all areas of HR – not just the essentials and is continually updated by the MAD-HR team!

Having all of these documents at your fingertips means that you could be reminded of a policy that you might have otherwise missed, or save time in using a template letter that you need to send out. It’s a great tool for ensuring that you are compliant and also saving you the time and money and not needing an HR Consultant until you really need to use a consultant.

It’s perfect for busy managers and business owners who don’t even know where to start when it comes to HR policies and procedures (don’t worry you’re not alone!), the documents within the Online HR Toolkit cut your workload hugely by providing all the important information you need alongside areas that can be tailored to your business. As John states, these documents have ‘areas that I can’t change – because that’s what keeps you legally compliant – and areas that I can change. It allows me the flexibility to be able to write policies and procedures that make sense for our business, while still staying legal’.

We know that every business is different, but as the Online HR Toolkit is so comprehensive, we are confident in its ability to provide real value to companies of all sizes, across all industries. As John sums up quite nicely, ‘Every business is going to get something different out of the toolkit. Every business is going to enjoy using it – it’s a fantastic tool.’