Culture can be hard to define. It can be considered how organisations conduct their business – “how we do things around here.” It is the system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which have a strong influence on the people in the organisation and dictate how they act and perform their roles.

So why be concerned with your culture? Because very simply, the organisation’s culture is the foundation of its success.

A great culture will result in the following benefits:

Employee engagement will result in a workforce who are enthusiastic, inspired and committed. They will invest the time, energy and effort needed to ensure the continued success of the organisation.  A culture that encourages engagement will ensure that it is “catching” and that everyone is swept up – it will be the norm to be engaged.

Talent retention tends to follow engagement. This will not only reduce your recruitment expenses (in time and money) but also allow you to successfully introduce succession planning, develop long-term client relationships, and maintain a high return on investment for your training and development. Talent retention also results in talent attraction that means when you do need to recruit, due to expansion and growth, you will be able to choose from the crème de la crème on the market.

Motivation within the team will be high which means goals are achieved and there is a high level of teamwork. You do not need to ask your team to go the extra mile – they identify themselves where an extra push is needed, and meet the challenge, without the need for additional reward or request

Empowerment will not only be experienced but also will be demanded from the teams.  Individuals and teams will take ownership for their work plans and achieve targets, feeling empowered to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions and results.

Customer Satisfaction is high when organisations have developed a great culture. The employee engagement, retention, empowerment and motivation results in everyone caring about how the organisation is perceived, how happy the client is and going the extra mile to ensure that the customer is happy and the highest level of service is provided.

Productivity and Growth will be maximised when you have the culture right. Managers can concentrate on strategic planning and long-term forecasting, as they can be confident the team will be fully committed and motivated to meet the day-to-day commitments, and work in partnership on achieving business plans.

Innovation will be welcomed and encouraged as the team feel confident and able to share ideas and put proposals forward, and new ideas will be embraced without fear of change.

Once you develop a great culture, it will be the foundation of your organisation’s success. There is no question that every employer, and manager, should care about the culture of their business as a great culture can lead to great results.

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