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Employee Engagement

It’s more important than ever to make employee engagement a priority. Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. If you’re not taking care of your employees’ well-being and ensuring that they are absorbed in and enthusiastic about their work, then you may struggle to retain the talent you need to drive your business forward.


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Latest Employee Engagement articles

Assistance Dog

What you need to know about dogs in the workplace

Assistance Dogs in the workplace. They are not just for the blind and employer's have a responsibility. We look at the legal implications.

empty office

How to manage long term absence

Long term absense - Dealing with long term health absences can be costly, complex and time consuming, We share our tips on how to manage long term absence.

Employee mental health

How to treat your employees and get them to thrive

With a little tip from Stephen Covey, we explore How to treat your employees and get them to thrive in your business and want to stay.

Denial of health issues - supporting staff

“I’m fine, honest” – How to support employees in denial

Denial of health issues. MAD-HR share our HR expertise to support managers to support employees in denial of health issues, including your duty of care.

woman saying no to work

Jewish woman who can’t work Saturdays wins £16,000

A Jewish woman who can't work Saturdays wins £16,000 at Tribunal after recruiter is found guilty of religious discrimination


How to keep contact with a sick or absent employee

When employees are absent, there is a requirement to stay in touch. What if you are struggling to contact an employee who is off sick?

Annual leave and the COVID implication

Can I refuse last minute holiday requests?

Last minute holidays have become increasingly popular. But an employee can’t book one and then expect you to fall in with their eleventh hour plans.

The staff Christmas Party

The staff Christmas Party – Don’t be a Grinch

The Staff Christmas Party - We are approaching the time of staff socials. Here are a few free tips on managing the preparation, the event & the aftermath.

Travel to Work

What you need to know about Travel Time

After the recent ECJ ruling, we have put this blog together on What you need to know about Travel Time and how it could affect your business

mental health

Flippancy over mental health issues can be costly

A Director has been ordered to pay a large fine due to inappropriate comments to an employee. Flippancy over mental health issues cost £7,500

sexual harassment form

9 Sexual Harassment at work myths you need to read

MAD-HR share 9 Sexual Harassment at work myths you need to read. See the facts and read the case examples here. Manage business risk.


Can you refuse an employee’s choice of representative?

Employees are entitled to have representation in a disciplinary hearing, we advise on whether you can refuse an employee’s choice of representative

empty office

How to manage a potential employees poor sickness history

This case law looks at how to manage a potential employees poor sickness history and what decisions you should make when employing people

woman at work with child

Help employees cope with school holidays throughout the year

The school year creates pressures and you might be asked if staff can bring their children in, we look at how to cope with school holidays

Social Media

Monitoring Employee Communications, Where’s The Line?

The European Court of Human Rights recently ruled that an employer had not breached human rights law when monitoring employee communications.


9 Tips to Improve Your Confidence When Communicating

In business, as in life, poor communication can have many negative consequences. Follow these 9 tips to improve your confidence when communicating.

like or dislike graphic

Handling Negative Online Reviews from Former Employees

when a former employee decides to provide an online review of your business which is less than positive how should you handle this

employee engagement

Why is Employee Engagement So Important For Your Business?

You may think that employees are engaged and motivated however a recent survey tells a completely different story. Why is Employee Engagement So Important?

doctor writing notes

When do you need a doctor’s note?

Does an employee need to produce a note for one day’s absence? What are reasonable expectations? What's the law? When to legally request Doctor's Notes.


Getting Employees to Add Value to Your Business ASAP…

Getting employees to add value to your business. The quality of your induction is at the heart of How To Get New Employees to Add Value to your business

Popular MAD-HR articles about Employee Engagement

These are the articles relating to Employee Engagement that are popular on the MAD-HR website.

Welcome to the MAD-HR Employee Engagement hub, our one-stop source for everything you need to know about improving employee retention, increasing employee satisfaction and boosting employees’ performance. All of which will also increase customer satisfaction and help achieve positive business outcomes.

The impact of Employee Engagement on businesses

Employee engagement is often overlooked, but is very important if you want your business to grow and to have happy clients and customers. It has been shown to have a positive impact on businesses and can help with employee retention and productivity. 

When it comes to employee engagement, businesses need to be aware of the different factors that can influence it. These include job satisfaction, company culture, work-life balance, and compensation. By understanding these factors, businesses can take steps to improve employee engagement.

There are many benefits of employee engagement for businesses. Some of these benefits include increased productivity, higher quality of work, better customer service, and reduced team turnover. Employee engagement can also help businesses save money by reducing training costs and increasing employee retention.

Employee engagement is a serious matter for businesses and one that should not be taken lightly. By investing time and resources into creating an engaged workforce, businesses can enjoy a wealth of benefits, including higher productivity, lower turnover rates, and increased profits. If you’re looking to improve employee engagement in your business, contact MAD-HR today. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you create a workplace where employees are excited to come to work each day.

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