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How to treat your employees and get them to thrive

18th Jan 2017
Human Resources, Leadership

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers” Stephen Covey (Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

Successful organisations are clear on how their customers should be treated, spending time on forming strategies, training their teams and developing customer relationships.

By treating their customers well, organisations experience growth in revenue and a loyal customer base, so it stands to reason that if you treat your employees with the same attitude, you will be rewarded in same way – increased business growth and success.

By mimicking your approach of customer service excellence to how you manage your employees, the result is a loyal satisfied team and a reputation which will be appreciated by customers and job seekers alike.

Here’s how…

In the same way as you do it with your customers – you listen to them, you reward them, and you nurture your relationship.

Start by listening – We all know that active listening skills are vital in customer interactions but when was the last time you really listened to your team? Your team are best placed to come up with cost savings, process improvements and marketing ideas. By involving them in discussions, listening to their suggestions and being attentive, the result will be improved talent retention, increased job satisfaction and improved customer service.

Introduce rewards that acknowledge your team’s skills in delivering the organisation’s vision and business results. For example, in a sales environment have you considered having a commission structure influenced by customer satisfaction and feedback, not just sales volume? It allows your team to have confidence in the organisation’s approach and have their “extra mile” acknowledged.

Invest in your relationship – This could involve training and development, an appraisal system, or even a regular social activity such as quiz nights or a football team. Showing your team that you value them will result not only in loyalty, but also in attracting the top talent when you do need to recruit.

Communicate a consistent message to ensure that your team understand and buy-in to the organisation’s goals and ethos. Adjust the method of communication to suit each team but ensure that the message is the same.

By respecting and valuing your relationship with your employees in the same manner as you do with your best customer, you will be rewarded with a team who care about their organisation, and demonstrate that by striving to do their very best. What more could you ask for?

Where do we fit in?

Well of course we don’t have to but if you would like some help embedding these changes in your business and really getting the best out of your people, we are here. We love getting business’ people strategy working and have experienced some striking results. Whether you would like an initial free, one hour consultation or you would like to meet to discuss working together on an ad-hoc or strategic basis, we have it covered. Learn more about how we work here.

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Christopher Durand
Christopher Durand
14:28 23 Aug 18
We have used MAD-HR a number of times and I have been very impressed by their knowledge and expertise, which is invaluable for us a small and growing business. All the work they have done for us, and this includes not just contracts and handbooks etc, but also training to make us a better more thoughtful team, I regard as a sound business and personal investment. We intend to make this an on-going relationship to help us develop as a more
Aisleen Marley
Aisleen Marley
14:48 24 Oct 17
Carole immediately grasped my situation and quickly set about creating the perfect document to help drive my business forward. She has a wealth of experience that she was able to apply to my current and future business goals in order to come up with the goods! The process itself was extremely straightforward with a clear system for booking in a call with Carole, where she then talked me through my options. Thoroughly more
Rachael Martin
Rachael Martin
19:40 03 Jul 17
Carol offers outstanding support and advice to ensure you are meeting legal requirements. Her toolkit is a very worthwhile investment as it ensures your documentation is up to scratch and you have all that you need in place! Highly recommended - outstanding more
ClarkeCare Ltd
ClarkeCare Ltd
14:03 22 Jun 17
I recently attended a Suffolk Brokerage Registered managers meeting and the very lovely Charlotte from MAR HR was there to give a presentation. Charlotte was fantastic and delivered a great presentation. Her knowledge around all things HR where clearly evident and she answered some tricky questions really well, giving clear, helpful advice. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of gaining support for their business to speak to Charlotte. I know we at ClarkeCare will be engaging their services in the near future. Thank you Charlotte :-)read more
Hana Dickinson
Hana Dickinson
10:36 26 Jul 16
I love working with Carole and the team at MAD-HR. They are so knowledgeable and responsive. I feel really confident that my HR (and therefore my business) is in safe hands. We've had a few issues that we've needed help with and Carole has been right there, with great advice and useful resources (via the Online HR Toolkit) that have made my life so much easier and my blood-pressure so much lower. Thanks Carole and team. You rock!read more
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Brilliant service and advice from MAD-HR.   Thank you so much, you’ve made the process of taking on our first employee an absolute breeze! Highly recommended.