As we progress through the government’s ‘roadmap’ of exiting lockdown, we’ve been catching up with some of our clients to see what this next chapter is likely to look like for them, and how they’ve dealt with the dramatic year we’ve just experienced.

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Best of Suffolk
The pandemic has forced the company to think on its toes and for certain working practices to be rightfully challenged. Working from home has not been previously considered at Best of Suffolk, but the advantages have been clearly seen.
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Heavenly Hair
Given the beauty industry has been closed for so much of the last 12 months, it’s been a challenging time for this ambitious businesswoman – but something she’s faced head on, with a determination to come out fighting.
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The Infusions Group
Based in West Suffolk, the umbrella brand has four core areas of trade – a restaurant, cook school, an e-commerce business selling ingredients and equipment to chefs worldwide, and a dry stores business supplying restaurants and hotels in East Anglia.
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John Doe
This family firm first began selling carpets in the East Anglian region in 1983, and now has a workforce of some 50 employees.
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Swiss Camplings
There’s no denying that the hospitality industry was devastatingly hard hit by the pandemic. But what happens when you’re a key supplier to that sector? How does a business weather the storm and exist ‘in limbo’?
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