Your business will only be as successful as your team. A simple fact and possibly the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs. The market can be open, your product or service optimally priced and of the desired quality, yet you will only reach your growth potential if you have the right team working with you. You want a team who cares; who are committed and are skilled in performing the tasks needed to ensure your business grows and succeeds.

So as a senior manager, or entrepreneurial business owner, how do you create that winning team?

The Mix

Do a SWOT analysis on your team –  to identify your strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Do you have team members who are highly qualified and experienced in your team, providing strong leadership and mentoring roles (Strength)?
  • Do you lack commitment and continuity in your junior team, resulting in poor succession planning (Weakness)?
  • Do you struggle to meet seasonal fluctuations in demand and could make use of consultancy/agency at peak times (Opportunity)?
  • Do one or two team members hold all the knowledge and information meaning if they decide to move on, that power goes with them (Threat)?

Identify what is working, where the gaps are, and act on what you learn.

Think Culture

You want people on your team who “get it” and want to represent your organisation in the way that you envisage. Whilst experience and qualifications are important, so is fitting in with your existing team, your ethos, and your clients. Having a team with the same outlook, the same culture will promote engagement, drive and productivity. When you recruit, build that into your selection process and ensure that not only are you getting the right skill mix in your team, but you are bringing in the right people for your environment and culture.

Nurture and Develop

A winning team will be one that is not only empowered and appreciated but also nurtured and developed. Start with induction and initial review periods, but continue to show interest. This may be through a robust appraisal programme, a training package, mentoring scheme, or reward initiatives.

If you have a team member who is good at their role, help them develop the skills they need to excel at it.

Communicate Expectations

Your team can only succeed if you tell them what the goal is, what they are aiming for. Having clear communication on individual goals, team goals and company strategy will ensure that everyone is working towards the same outcome and be clear on what they need to do to succeed.  Involve your team in setting work plans to increase buy-in and ownership.

Let It Go

You have a team – let them get on with it. You need to learn not to micromanage and trust in your team. You need to have open communication, regular contact and set goals but have the faith to move away from looking over shoulders. Your team needs to feel empowered.

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