Historically Human Resources has been seen as an administrative function,  often an add-on to the office manager or even secretary’s role, frequently neglected in start-ups until either growth or an issue demanded attention…

Nowadays, growing and innovative organisations recognise that an organisation’s greatest asset is its people and that the management of the human capital needs to be specialist lead to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, good practice and to maximise performance.


With technology driving every aspect of modern business it is, therefore, no surprise that there are many HR software packages on the market to consider, but why should you consider HR software and what benefits can it give you?

The features that are now available, in a secure IT environment and often Cloud-based, are vast so here are just

9 of our favourite ways that HR software can help your business:

  1. Reduce costs – often the driving factor for introducing any system or technology, there will be a cost-saving. There will be a reduction in the space needed as antiquated paper systems won’t be necessary. It will also reduce time to create and maintain up to date records and it is a great opportunity to streamline information.
  1. Efficiency – when any record or system is maintained in an automated system, efficiency is improved. It will flag when records are duplicated, data doesn’t match and records are easily retrieved and amended. Information can be easily accessed, when suitable, across different geographical sites and departments without the need to physically move papers.
  1. Decision making – can be quicker. Evidence-based and qualitative information, whether related to recruitment, disciplinary or a training need can be accessed quickly and efficiently.
  1. Improved use of people – and this can be across the board. Your HR professionals will have more time to develop succession plans, deal with strategic issues and manage any risks early instead of dealing with laborious paper systems. Your team will receive the appropriate training in a timely manner and be recruited into the optimum positions due to the strength of record-keeping, relevance and accessibility.
  1. Compliance – whether with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or Employment Law, an automated system can ensure that not only are you achieving your HR objectives but that you are compliant and legal.
  1. Payroll – having an automated payroll, which can be linked to staff scheduling, is often the first HR software system that is introduced. This can reduce the risk of mistakes, late payments and once again reduces the man-hours needed to complete routine and regular tasks.
  1. Scheduling and attendance – whether to “clock in” for shift patterns, allocating annual leave or recording overtime, an automated system can ensure that you have the right people in the right place at the right time to ensure you can achieve your business objectives. If this can be linked to your payroll system, even better.
  1. Training – whether to maintain training records, register for training and learning programmes or identify further needs to be scheduled, HR software is a terrific help in managing your organisation’s learning and training needs. If you outsource your training, you can also maintain a record of who has provided your training in the past, at what monetary cost and the feedback you received to assist in future decision making.
  1. Performance management – and our final benefit is with helping with annual appraisals and performance management. Having a quick, easy and efficient way to record an appraisal and deal with identified training or performance needs, make the process less of a chore for everyone involved.

If you believe that your organisation would benefit from HR software then please contact us to discuss how we can provide the expert HR advice and support to help you achieve your organisation’s goals.  We’re a friendly bunch and would love to help make a difference to your business so give us a call on 01473 360160 or arrange a free one-hour consultation.

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