“I have the privilege of talking to a lot of business owners and a lot of accountants. It always amazes me that accountants aren’t just good with numbers, balance sheets or Profit and Loss; the best accountants are the ones who know a heck of a lot more. They are business development geniuses. I have so much admiration for a good accountant because knowing how to analyse a client’s business and offering them valuable, sound business advice is an incredible skill.

Be a master of all things financial…. And more!

However much of a financial master you are, clients these days are looking for an accountant that can deliver in other areas too. They want help seeing the bigger picture when it comes to their business: what direction should they be taking? How can they overcome cash flow issues? What should the next step be in growing the business? How much should they invest? When should they start employing someone? How much should they pay that person? Contracts? Holiday? Maternity? Pensions?

The list is endless and in your role as a trusted advisor, the first person they are going to turn is you and you need to be there with the right answer because if you’re not then your client will go to one of your competitors.

Help your client’s business grow

In order to recruit effectively, your client is going to need access to up-to-date information and resources. They’ll need contracts, employee handbooks, employment policies and more. There’s little point in them Googling the latest legislation on, for example, statutory maternity benefits, or even you doing it on their behalf. It’s very hard to be certain that the information you find is up to date and it’s very time-consuming. Imagine if there was a place that you could direct your client to which will enable them to have everything that they need a mere click away…

The MAD-HR Online HR Toolkit

And that’s where the idea of a comprehensive MAD-HR Toolkit has come from. Once your client is ready to take the step of employing someone, we can give them help and information on all these subjects, and it will only be a click away. The online portal will manage risk in their business through saving them time, effort and ultimately, money and the documents in the toolkit will ALWAYS be up to date. As an additional feature, we can even give them access to a 24/7 legal helpline for any issues relating to employment, consumer, health & safety etc.

This toolkit has been devised to offer great value for money to employers and provides peace of mind that they are compliant at all times and so goes hand in hand with the services offered by an accountant. Giving your client access to the Online HR Toolkit toolkit is an enabler and a money saver that will benefit both your businesses.”

Carole Burman, MD of MAD-HR

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Experience a demo of the HR Online Toolkit, available to your clients. When your clients sign-up to the Toolkit through your business, they benefit from 20% off their subscription for the first 12 months.

“Easy to Access”

“ The Toolkit provides an easy to access comprehensive reference for all HR matters” Read the full review

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