Do you feel used? Do you feel like without you, your client wouldn’t have developed their business as well as they have? Do you feel like you’re worth your weight in gold?

You do? Fantastic! You’re clearly not just a good accountant; you’re a great accountant. Your tax savings, business advice, and time spent coaching your client will reap rewards. Those are hours you need to charge for; you need to make sure that you are being paid at least some of what you are worth of course, but at the same time you want to give your client value for money.

The crux of the matter is: how do you add value without it costing you, and your client, too much time?

Get connected

Every business owner needs pillars within the business that they can lean on, and you should become one of them. Your invaluable connections to great insurance advisors, marketers, HR advisors, gardeners, cleaners… anyone who can help your client, is what makes you an integral part of their business.

Creating this circle of trusted referees can take time and you need to choose who you recommend carefully. They could be existing clients, but you’ll inevitably need to widen your professional circle at some point. Join networking groups, invest in your marketing, your social media, your website. Give out as much free advice as you can and become the go-to person for people seeking advice.

Help your clients to help themselves

  • Suggest schemes and business partners that can help your client reduce the running costs of their business.
  • Introduce them to online accountancy systems that you find work well, and help them with their invoicing processes.
  • Get up to date on phone apps: there are so many out there that are designed to make a business owner’s life easier.
  • Get to know their business inside and out so that you can spot areas where you can help them cut costs.
  • Be aware of funding opportunities in your part of the country and think about how they could apply to your clients.

Solve employer issues

When your client is ready to take on employees, or perhaps they have employees and need advice, the MAD-HR toolkit will help answer all their people related questions, and it’s just a click away.

Drawing from our extensive experience in HR, the online toolkit contains all the templates a business owner will ever need to hit the ground running.  It gives practical advice for almost every HR-related situation.

Plus, we include access to a 24/7 legal helpline for any issues relating to employment, consumer, health & safety etc.

The annual licence gives unlimited access to items such as:

  • Advert templates
  • Application forms
  • Interview questions
  • Contracts of employment
  • Employer’s handbook
  • Letter templates
  • Employment Policies
  • Performance management

Having access to all this help and information, in one easy place to use will save time, effort and ultimately, money.

When you clients sign-up to the Toolkit through your business they benefit from 20% off their subscription for the first 12 months.

Click here to register your interest in joining our Affiliates programme OR call us today on 01473 360160 for more information.

“Easy to Access”

“ The Toolkit provides an easy to access comprehensive reference for all HR matters” Read the full review

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