Lockdown Learning with the MAD-HR Team

Here at MAD-HR we are passionate about our people and in the spirit of Making A Difference we thought we would share some Lockdown Learning with you all. At MAD-HR we practice a flexible working policy, so we haven’t been overly impacted by the need to relocate our team to work from home. This was set up from the inception of MAD-HR and continues to be part of our working principles – enabling our team to have the flexibility to work from home when needed is very important to us.

That said, lockdown has presented us with some new and interesting challenges, and we have had to adapt our business accordingly. The team felt sharing some of this insight might be a bit of fun, especially when it has been such a tough time for all. Starting with Leigh Cunningham, our invaluable Office Manager:

Leigh Cunningham

Leigh Cunningham – Office Manager:

  1. There is no one to share the coffee run.
  2. I have never eaten so many biscuits or chocolate; mind you I don’t need much of an excuse.
  3. Zoom meetings are not fun when your hair now looks like something Catweazle would be proud of.
  4. I keep forgetting to grab a coffee at 10:30 to coincide with Pop Master.
  5. Just because there is food in your house does not mean there is an open invitation to keep tucking in.
  6. Going for a bit of exercise is as much fun as swimming in shark invested waters.


Naomi Read

Naomi Read – HR Consultant

  1. I never knew Zoom backgrounds had so many possibilities – my weekly 1-2-1 is quite the highlight!
  2. I can make a latte quicker than my local Costa!
  3. I miss driving, I actually really enjoy it.
  4. My shredder needs a service, hang in there!
  5. Managing interruptions techniques do not work on a 2-year-old – even removing all the chairs in my office!
  6. I substitute moving around when on video calls with additional facial expressions.
  7. Passionfruit Martini’s are now perfectly acceptable on a Friday from 4pm…or maybe 3pm??!
  8. My house is on a popular dog walk route, I never knew this!
  9. A newly created (lockable) Scooby snacks drawer has become essential.
  10. I didn’t need a crisis for me to appreciate what a supportive and motivational team I work with, the current situation merely confirms it!

Tracey Munro

Tracey Munro – HR Consultant:

  1. I need to be REALLY disciplined and make sure I change out of my pyjamas before sitting in front of my computer.
  2. I need a bigger desk!
  3. I can’t concentrate with any kind of background noise, so no music for me.
  4. I Iike the blend of working on my own and being able to connect with others – not sure that I could share office space permanently!
  5. I’m grateful that I have a designated workspace which comes with a proper office chair as it is vital if you want to avoid backache.
  6. Look in the mirror and check what’s behind you before you activate the camera on a video call.
  7. It’s important to explain to family and friends that just because I’m at home, it doesn’t mean I’m ‘off work’. I can’t sit and chat.
  8. I get through boxes of Earl Grey!

Keep safe and stay alert as businesses begin to come out of lockdown.

If you need to read up on the latest information and guidance around the impact on managing your HR provision our Coronavirus HR Support Hub should be able to help you, however, if you need more specific support and advice please give one of the team and ring and we would be delighted to help you.

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