A recent poll looking at Menopause in the Workplace (commissioned by Koru Kids), found that 18% of women in UK workplaces currently experiencing menopause or perimenopause symptoms were considering leaving their job.

When you consider that women (within the menopausal age range) are the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce – 4 million women aged 45-55 in work (ONS 2021), it is clear that unless businesses don’t start to reflect on how they support their employees then they are at risk of losing a vital part of their workforce which could have been avoidable.

We were recently invited to participate in a Menopause in the Workplace webinar for the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and during the event, 17% of female attendees disclosed that they have considered leaving their job because of menopause. Alongside this, 36% of attendees rated their organisation’s support for menopausal women as poor or very poor.

So as an employer where do you start when it comes to improving the support offered to women experiencing menopausal symptoms?

We have it covered with our Menopause in the Workplace Toolkit.

The MAD-HR Menopause in the Workplace Toolkit includes:

  • Introduction to the menopause
  • Information, advice and guidance on Managing Menopause in the workplace
  • Menopause Policy
  • Risk assessment
  • Tips for line managers
  • Men in the workplace
  • Assumptions and bias
  • Trans, non-binary and the menopause
  • Reasonable adjustments for consideration

Essentially, it is packed full of useful information, which was highlighted by employees and employers during the event.

The cost of this is £99 + VAT.

This toolkit ensures that you have what you need and gives you back the time to focus on all of the other demands that you have and you can be assured that you have what you need to keep you on the right path, avoiding the pitfalls and making mistakes.

£99 + VAT

A copy of the toolkit will be emailed to you once the payment has been received.