If you own a business then the chances are you will have heard of human resources. If you were working for another company then it is likely to be the department that everyone dreaded having to deal with but even the largest of companies has them. So why do you need help with HR ?

You may well associate HR with simply the hiring and firing of employees and dealing with policies and procedures. Clearly they help protect your business as there is a growing raft of employment legislation that someone in the business needs to take care of but this costs money and if you try to do it yourself then you waste time which costs you money.

However, the role of the human resources professional has changed. By ignoring this area of business you are turning your back on having a cohesive and passionate workforce all working together to make your business reach new heights of success.

Human resources now involves a large amount of planning and management of the employees of the company however why do you need HR if you don’t have many employees?

Well, the aim of HR is to foster loyalty amongst staff and help them realise and reach their full potential. If your company has a happy and fulfilled workforce it will do well. As a business owner, with the effort and investment that goes into recruiting and training every employee you cannot afford to simply let them walk away from your business.

When you look at the assets on your balance sheet – your people are not found there but they make your company what it is and HR professionals can help you to improve that asset and make it stronger.

By bringing in an external HR Business Partner, you avoid the hassle – and the cost – of recruiting a full-time employee. Equally, you get on-tap expertise and risk-mitigation.

They understand what drives your business and what specific compliance risks you face. Therefore, the important thing here is not which provider you work with, but which partner.

Choose a business partner who understands your business and who you believe that you can work with. Remember, you are taking on a Business Partner to save you time and reduce risk. Therefore, you will have more time to focus on growing your business instead of administrating. However, when your Business Partner is on-site – make yourself available.

The key word here is partner – they can work with you to give you insights not just into risks, but opportunities.

Remember – the competition for talent has gone global; turnover is rising; and employee engagement is stagnant at best. Companies have never had a greater need to understand with precision what it takes to recruit, retain, and motivate employees. As a result, never before has external HR consultants had such an opportunity to move the needle for the businesses they support.

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