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Returning to Work – In the New Norm’

21st May 2020
Change Management, Coronavirus, Human Resources, Leadership

Returning to Work

Right now, the focus for many businesses is to keep their organisation afloat, exhausting new sales opportunities and fighting other impacts and challenges being presented by the Coronavirus pandemic – like returning to work, at full capacity.  Businesses have to prepare for the longer-term impact and enabling employees to return to work in a safe way and provide a safe environment for them to work in, in what will be very much a new world. 

Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TU suggests that even once we’re through this crisis, ‘we can’t go back to business as usual’, so what does the “new normal” look like for you?  With guidance on plans to potentially begin relaxing some of the lockdown restrictions having now been released, now is the time to begin exploring what you need to consider to get your staff back to working and business running at full pelt, when the lockdown is finally and fully lifted?

Our latest ‘What’s Next’ guide provides you with information on how to prepare for this next stage. Tops include: Employee Well-being, engagement, communication, resource requirements, phased return to work, heath and safety, additional links to further sector related guides and resources,  additional support for those with children or carers and corporate social responsibility.


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