There’s a reason why every parent discreetly hopes their child will select the ‘right’ friends in the playground.

There’s a reason why we scrutinise the peers our university-age children pick as housemates.

Good company really matters!

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It’s pivotal to how we progress in life on a social level, but, importantly for those seeking to launch, run and lead businesses – it’s imperative that our team of staff represent good company too.

While every ambitious and aspirational leader knows there is always a lot in which you can invest at the early stage of business – from plans to tech to data, and in some cases even estates – none of these matter at all if we don’t place a high priority on creating the right team to help us deliver against our objectives.

While it’s hard to put a price tag on the strength and power of having a good team, what we can be sure of is that getting this wrong, or not having a cohesive team with motivations centred on a shared outcome… well, the result can be disastrous.

The goal for every director should be to recruit, develop and retain a high-performing team.

Core characteristics of such a team would include:

  • Diversity of background and skillset, which naturally makes people more creative and innovative
  • Communication skills, because good teams become even greater when dialogue is able to take place and opinions and perspectives are shared in an open forum
  • A clear understanding of what the organisation’s ultimate mission is, and how they fit into that bigger picture. This makes all team members able to see their role and feel engaged
  • Desire to keep learning and improving. This is essential at all levels of any team, and it remains key for any organisation because it continually draws in new and previously unseen knowledge or insight
  • Ability to flex or be agile in the face of changing circumstances. Good teams know that they have to respond to what is happening to them as individuals, but also to their entire work team, their business, their sector, or their community
  • A respect for one another and an ability to celebrate the successes and accomplishments that arise through the everyday life cycle of business.

While developing the ‘A Team’ is never a straightforward, textbook exercise for a leader, it does reap huge benefits.

And, while it may sometimes seem hard-fought, and may take time, it is always evident which companies are led by such a philosophy.

At MAD-HR, we welcome the opportunity to talk more with you about building great teams. We work with hundreds of businesses who have faced the challenge of trying to recruit, retain and develop brilliantly engaged and empowered employees.

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