In the classic 1991 book, “The Power of Vision,” Joel Barker shares a poignant statement that holds as much relevance today as it did then: “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

As an outsourced HR provider, we often find ourselves at the intersection of vision and action. At MAD-HR we strive to transform the traditional HR landscape by proactively enhancing efficiency, engagement, and employee satisfaction in organisations regionally, nationally and internationally.

Vision Without Action is Merely a Dream

In the world of Human Resources, having a vision is paramount. It sets the tone for everything from talent acquisition and employee development to overall company culture. However, without proper action, this vision becomes nothing more than an abstract aspiration or at its worst, words plastered on the walls blurring into the landscape.

We believe in the power of turning visions into reality. Our role as an outsourced HR provider that really makes a difference is to help organisations translate their vision into actionable HR strategies. We create frameworks that align with your organisation’s long-term goals and work to streamline processes that help achieve those goals. This approach ensures that vision doesn’t remain a dream but evolves into a comprehensive roadmap for sustainable growth.

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Action Without Vision Just Passes the Time

Action, when devoid of a clear vision, tends to be unproductive and wastes time, resources and money. Without a defined goal, HR functions may become mundane, inefficient, or even irrelevant.

Our approach recognises the importance of aligning actions with a clear vision. We work to understand the mission of each organisation we partner with. We then take a strategic approach to HR, deploying tactical actions that align with the business’s goals. Through this alignment, this approach prevents wasteful activities and instead cultivates a proactive, strategic HR environment where we are always goal-focused.

Vision With Action Can Change The World

When vision is met with aligned action, the power to enact meaningful change becomes real. It has the potential to transform not just your organisation but the people within it.

As your outsourced HR partner, we work to bridge the gap between vision and action. We offer solutions that are effective and strategically attuned to your vision.

Our Make A Difference ethos means that we don’t just work on the transactional (which we do really well) but we focus on ‘achieving’ for our clients.

When we work with our clients, our goal is to positively impact your employees and organisation, ultimately contributing to a better working world where your team are happier and your organisation is more successful.

At our core, we embrace Barker’s mantra wholeheartedly. By combining a clear vision with purposeful action, we strive to provide HR solutions that really Make A Difference.

As your strategic partner, we commit to turning your organisation’s dreams into reality. With our expertise and your vision, together, we can change the world, one HR initiative at a time.

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