Often businesses start without expert HR support but even the most adept entrepreneur will need qualified support to effectively manage people issues before long.

The frustration of spending time on non-revenue generating activities becomes too time-consuming and a distraction from the main aim of the business and employing staff comes at a risk: most business leaders do not have the time or expertise to manage that risk long term. Here’s a round-up of our experience of what triggers the need for HR support.

The point at which an organisation recognises the need for HR support will vary depending on the size of the organisation and environment.


2017 is seeing some significant changes in HR legislation taking place and you may be nervous about compliance. Details are complex, with some changes being phased and others already being in full force from 6th April 2017. Some changes come with quite a hefty fine if you do fail to comply by the required deadline. So whether it is the apprenticeship levy, salary sacrifice schemes or the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is making you nervous about your capability and knowledge base, now may be a good time to speak to an HR expert. An HR expert can provide credible and up to date advice and support. It is an investment in your business.


When a company experiences rapid growth, the pace of life can be so intense that ensuring your systems and processes are in place to support and encourage continual growth can be, at worst, forgotten and, at best postponed.  Growth can mean more employees, a more complex hierarchy, performance management issues – a whole host of HR-related challenges. The last thing you want is to hinder your growth path by not having the support structure in place.


The organisation may be at the stage where a restructure is needed to maximise productivity and minimise costs. This could involve potential redundancies, reviewing of job descriptions, identifying core competencies or retraining and up-skilling. Effective, commercial HR support can ensure that these activities are completed efficiently and effectively, whilst minimising cost and risk.


If your senior managers are spending a large proportion of their time dealing with grievance interviews, poor attendance and juggling rosters due to sickness rates, then you may need to review your policies and procedures and introduce a formal performance management regime.  Having an HR expert on hand to create, train and introduce the needed systems can leave your managers free to focus on revenue-generating activities and developing the business.


Whether you are struggling to recruit the right people in the right roles, or have concerns about ensuring you meet legislation in your adverts and selection process, recruiting can be daunting and resource-draining in time and money.  An HR lead can take away the pressure and ensure that your team are trained and competent at recruiting to minimise costs and risks and support your managers through the process.

Cost Savings

If your costs are starting to spiral out of control, or you have concerns about how you can make savings, HR is a fantastic way to making cost savings. For example, this may be through sickness control, staff planning, recruitment or training. You need your workforce to be aligned with your strategic plan and HR are there to make sure that is the case.

Retaining staff

Staff retention is crucial for any organisation to enable them to maintain growth, and HR can play a key role in improving staff retention. Whether it is a targeted learning and development programme, the introduction of a reward system, or improving staff satisfaction, HR can drive these policies and approaches, supporting your leadership team.


HR can provide vital support to ensure that staff are being treated fairly and consistently, whilst the needs of the business are being met. Your HR lead can ensure that employment tribunals are avoided, staff motivation is maintained and retention is high. Support can be provided to manage conflict and avoid escalation where possible.

If you recognise any of these trigger points within your organisation then please contact us to discuss how we can provide expert outsourced HR advice and support to help you achieve your organisation’s goals.  Give us a call on 01473 360160 or arrange free one hour consultation.

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