You may have often heard the name HR Consultant, but what does that actually mean in reality? What does an HR Consultant do? How do they support a business?

One thing I think it is safe to say is that no two days are ever the same! One of the reasons HR is such an important part of any business is because of the various roles it plays in making it a success. It could be looking at things from a strategic perspective and how it can move the business forward or from the day-to-day operational support it can offer to the team.

It is no different in the role of an HR Consultant. Only as a consultant do you have the opportunity to work with various different businesses, often where you are speaking to the owner or director of that business and where you have been given the privilege of being allowed into their world. What an honour this is and something that is extremely special.

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What role does an HR Consultant play in a business?

When making the decision to outsource HR, having an effective HR Consultant is essential as this is someone who can share your passion and your company values. Not only that, but you need to see that having this person in your business will make a difference.

As a consultant, you really get the chance to do that “make a difference” piece – and what an opportunity that is! You can support a business, whether that is strategically by carrying out an organisation review, or right at the beginning when someone is taking on their first employee and needs support to get things up and running. What other role gives you that variation?

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits for a business in using an HR Consultancy service, which include:

  • Specialist skills and knowledge – you can’t be an expert in everything, so let us be that person for you
  • Increased efficiency – it enables you to focus more on the core business processes
  • Legislative compliance – as a specialist we will have more of an understanding of what is required to ensure compliance
  • Ability to be objective – not working in the business enables us to see things differently

Being an HR Consultant enables you to go into any business and look at it objectively. You can remove any emotion and political aspects that you have when you are part of the in-house team. It also enables you to look at things through a different lens. It is often harder to see things when you are living and breathing the business than when you are looking from the outside in.

It is a privilege as a consultant to be trusted to work in someone’s business and to be considered as that outsourced, in-house HR provider.

Why work in consultancy?

If you thrive in an environment where you are passionate about what you do and making a positive difference, along with enjoying a varied workload, then consultancy could be the answer!

It is important to be accountable for your actions and ensure that you keep your promises and commitments to your clients. This would be the same as if you were in-house but instead of having one “client” you have many.

As a consultant, the aim is to deliver results for the businesses you are supporting. We all love success, and at MAD-HR we ensure that as a team we work together to accomplish results and deliver this with a positive “can-do” attitude!

Maintaining integrity is of the utmost importance in any role, and potentially even more so in a consultancy role, as you have an awareness of various client businesses. Looking after your clients’ best interests is key.

However, as with a lot of things, the key is keeping things simple. HR terminology can often be confusing so being able to give great commercial advice and support without the jargon or fuss is a great skill to have.

I guess the real question is, who wouldn’t want to be an HR Consultant?

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