FREE email course on Managing Annual Leave Course updated 2020 to include Good Work Plan

We have put together this easy-to-follow, legally accurate FREE email course to support you as an employer so that you know all that you need to manage annual leave. This course has been updated to include the recent changes contained within the Good Work Plan.

Simply sign up below and you will receive an email a day for 10 days. Each email you receive will fulfil the key learning outcomes you require to manage Annual Leave.

There is no set up fee and no course fee. 

Gain access to the information you need to effectively manage your teams in bite-sized chunks, at a manageable pace so that you can stay ahead and not be caught out by a request from one of your team or a particular issue related to the taking of annual leave.

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Course Overview

An easy-to-understand ten-part course will be emailed in daily instalments over ten days; helping employers and managers understand the laws on holiday entitlement and holiday pay.  We will also include some additional reading if you want to dig a bit deeper in a particular area so that you can always stay one step ahead.

Course contents

An email will be sent each day and will cover the following subjects:

  1. Entitlement to Annual Leave
  2. Bank and Public Holidays
  3. Holiday Pay
  4. Rules on Taking Annual Leave
  5. Timing of Annual Leave
  6. Managing Annual Leave
  7. Religious Holidays
  8. Accrual of Holiday During Periods of Absence
  9. Holiday Entitlement on Termination of Employment
  10. Remedies for Workers Denied Holiday or Holiday Pay

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