Want to know how to make memorable presentations? We asked our senior consultants and training experts for their top tips to help you deliver a presentation that will really stand out.

Whether it’s for training, a client pitch or a team update, no one wants to experience death by PowerPoint, and there is no faster way to turn your team off at a briefing than to show them you have 50 slides to get through!

Here are MAD-HR’s 5 top tips for creating presentations that will make an impact and help you communicate more clearly and effectively with your team:

1. Make it beautiful
And make it memorable by doing so. Don’t be afraid to use technology and customise-able templates to get you started! At the same time, keep it simple – if the technology will baffle you and distract the audience a simple template is more than effective.

2. Focus on one idea
Too much information and people will lose track. Stay laser-focused and keep to 6 words or less on each screen. People respond to imagery, better still use one image and talk about it.  A picture speaks a thousand word, so use images, graphs, video clips etc to keep the audience engaged with what you are saying rather than just reading a load of text.

3. The 10/20/30 rule
Stick to 10 slides, no more than 20 minutes long, and at least 30 point font. You won’t go far wrong.  If you have more information to get through, stick to the rule, just chunk it up and have breaks, activities, breakout sessions in between.

4. Tell a story
People respond well to a story. Take people on a narrative journey by first showing them the problem that you’re trying to solve. Then you can show people why they should care about the solution.

5. Engage with the audience
Remember: try not to read directly from your slide. There’s nothing worse than being in the audience watching someone reading their own slides with their back partially turned away from you.  For maximum impact, you should be the focus of attention, so engage with the audience, ask them questions and get them involved. That’s how your presentation will stay in their memory.

One last tip – look for friendly, nodding faces in the audience and talk directly to them. It’s both comforting and confidence-boosting!

Go knock it out of the park – we believe in you!

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