Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the Government commissioned an Independent Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy.

The audit, named the ‘Taylor Review’ was undertaken by Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of the Arts, was delivered two years ago in the Summer of 2017. Following on from that, the Government launched a series of consultations on how to take the recommendations forward. The ‘Taylor Review’, which investigated several areas of employment law, will be relevant to many of those working within HR and management positions.

Issues looked at:

  • The implications of new forms of work
  • The rise of digital platforms
  • The impact of new working models.

The Taylor Review made a total of 53 recommendations to the Government. Following on from this, The Good Work Plan has now been published, following those consultations.

The Plan, which will be effective from April 2020, sets out how workers’ rights will continue to be strengthened post-Brexit and will introduce wide-ranging changes to employment law.  The changes will impact on employees, workers, agency work-seekers and self-employed individuals.

These important changes include:

  • The right to be issued with an employment contract on day 1 of service
  • Employees on zero-hour contracts and those on casual worker agreements will have the right to request a more stable contract
  • Amendment to the method for calculation of holiday pay
  • Agency work-seekers will have a right to receive specific information to help them make informed choices about the work they accept
  • An increase in the maximum level of fines which the Employment Tribunal can impose where there is an aggravated breach of contract (increased from £5k to £20k).

It’s important for businesses to take the time to review the legislation that has been set out in the Good Work Plan to ensure they are compliant with employment law updates. To find out more about how MAD-HR can support you through these changes, contact us and speak to one of our senior HR consultants.

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