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Do You Have The HR Professional Support You Need To Take Your Business Forward?

5th Sep 2017
Employment Law, Human Resources, Leadership, Recruitment, Training

The past 24 months have certainly seen a dramatic change in the economy. Brexit, the unexpected General Election, indeed the unexpected General Election result, and shifts in earnings, employment and inflation, have all impacted on how we manage our businesses.

It was reported in August 2017 that we now have the lowest level of unemployment in the UK since the mid-1970s with the Office for National Statistics reporting a jobless rate of 4.4%, a 42 year low.

This will focus employers even more on attracting and retaining talent and shifts the power to the employee. The need to have robust HR support in place is crucial to enable organisations to grow and thrive in these changing and uncertain times.

Your organisation can have a comprehensive growth plan, a robust business plan and the financial strength to support the investment needed yet without the right people in the right positions at the right time, you will fail.

The question to ask yourself is do you have the HR professional support in place needed to guide your organisation forward?

  • Pay and Compensation Package – do you offer an affordable, yet competitive pay and compensation package? How can you add value to your employee’s package without it costing more than you can afford? Are you in line with industry and regional norms and expectations? Are you within legal requirements? Will you attract the talent you need?
  • Skills Development – a concern of Brexit is a potential skills shortage. Do you have a plan to overcome the impact? Can you fill a potential skills gap through other means – technology, training and development, grants for education, relationships with educational establishments?
  • Fair and Consistent Advice – are your line managers supported in a timely, and appropriate manner? Are they free to develop the business without dealing with the day to day drudgery of employment law? Are you protecting your team and business from claims of unfair dismissal, and other employment related claims and disputes?
  • Expertise – do you have the expertise on board to stay briefed and updated on the changing employment law, the implications of political policies and the regional shifts in the available talent pool? Do you have the expertise needed to drive your recruitment and retention plan needed to meet your growth path?
  • Managers to Manage – is your team spending too much time on dealing with HR related issues and fighting their way through a fog of law, policy, dispute and people-related issues, instead of managing the business development you have employed them for?

A recent study from recruiter Robert Walters found that 89% of 123 managers questioned, intend to hire mid-level HR staff over the next six months, and 77% intend to recruit at a junior HR level. The HR function is now considered a crucial and integral part of any successful business plan.

If you are not confident in answering yes to the question do you have the HR professional support in place needed to guide your organisation forward – do not panic.  We can help.

Whether you would like support in managing a junior employed HR Officer, finding the right HR professional to recruit or whether you would prefer the flexibility of a professional consultancy service, we can provide the expertise and help to ensure that you have the HR professional service you need.

Our approach is to make life easier for you, keep you fully compliant with UK Employment Law and providing the HR support needed to attract, retain and develop your talent. Whether ad hoc or retained, virtual or in person, we can provide the experience and advice you need. Call us for a chat about how we can support you on 01473 360160 or arrange a free one-hour consultation.

We have used MAD-HR a number of times and I have been very impressed by their knowledge and expertise, which is invaluable for us a small and growing business. All the work they have done for us, and this includes not just contracts and handbooks etc, but also training to make us a better more thoughtful team, I regard as a sound business and personal investment. We intend to make this an on-going relationship to help us develop as a business.