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Training and Development – How to Maximise Delegate Buy-in?

15th Sep 2017
Human Resources, Leadership, Training

As a manager, or the lead for training and development in your organisation, you may have identified a skill gap, and feel you have a bonafide case for investing in training whether for an individual or a group of employees. You have obtained the senior commitment needed to enable you to access not only the funding but also the support for the time needed for the employees to complete the training. Now comes the real challenge – maximising delegate buy-in.

Delegates need to agree that they need the training. Whilst many welcome the opportunity for development and upskilling, there will be delegates who disagree that they need the development. This negativity could be due to fear, time pressure or simply a lack of self-awareness. You need delegates to be willing to attend, be attentive and to be keen to implement the learning once back in the workplace.

Here are MAD-HR’s seven tips to maximise delegate buy-in:

  1. Sell the concept – when delegates understand the need, and how it links with their individual work plans and goals, they will understand the why. Having a clear vision on how the training and business needs link, will add value and they will not consider it a waste of their time.
  2. Engage delegates in the content – include the delegates when agreeing on the final content and details of the training package to ensure their individual challenges and needs will be met, and give them confidence that the training will be relevant to them and indeed focused on their needs. This should be industry specific with realistic examples and exercises.
  3. Location –  choose a training location that is easy to get to yet will protect delegates from being dragged back to their desk/phone/computer screen. This can still be a location on site but maybe away from their team office, or it may need an off-site location. Consider parking, travel time, refreshments and be clear when communicating with the delegates. If there will not be time to go out and purchase lunch, advise delegates to bring lunch with them or arrange for it to be provided. Knowing such details in advance will help with delegates’ nerves and allow them to start the day more relaxed and open to the learning.
  4. Duration – appropriate duration will depend on content, delegates and needs of the business.  There is no blanket answer. This could mean bite sized sessions spread out over a number of weeks, blocked training in consecutive days, or a one off event.
  5. Delivery – again needs to match the delegates’ needs. There are many options for the style of delivery – power point, interactive workshop, physical exercises, theory, evidential, eLearning, webinars.  Whether you go a high tech route or stick with old school flip charts will have a major impact on the delegates’ buy-in and learning capacity.
  6. Facilitator – can be in-house or external, and again needs to be in response to the needs of the group. Ideally, the facilitator needs to have relevant experience, be able to answer questions and be considered the “expert” regardless of who is in the room. A facilitator who demands respect will have an attentive and willing room of delegates.
  7. Follow-Up – the value of the training needs to be assessed, and the messages of the training need to be endorsed and followed up by the line manager and senior team. Ensure that the action plan is picked up in 1-2-1s, that there is a commitment by the organisation to embrace the changes that are a result of the training and that you check you have received VFM.

We hope these tips are useful. We’re a friendly bunch and would love to help Make A Difference to your business with supporting your training and development needs. You can read more of MAD-HR’s Training Services here.

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Christopher Durand
Christopher Durand
14:28 23 Aug 18
We have used MAD-HR a number of times and I have been very impressed by their knowledge and expertise, which is invaluable for us a small and growing business. All the work they have done for us, and this includes not just contracts and handbooks etc, but also training to make us a better more thoughtful team, I regard as a sound business and personal investment. We intend to make this an on-going relationship to help us develop as a more
Aisleen Marley
Aisleen Marley
14:48 24 Oct 17
Carole immediately grasped my situation and quickly set about creating the perfect document to help drive my business forward. She has a wealth of experience that she was able to apply to my current and future business goals in order to come up with the goods! The process itself was extremely straightforward with a clear system for booking in a call with Carole, where she then talked me through my options. Thoroughly more
Rachael Martin
Rachael Martin
19:40 03 Jul 17
Carol offers outstanding support and advice to ensure you are meeting legal requirements. Her toolkit is a very worthwhile investment as it ensures your documentation is up to scratch and you have all that you need in place! Highly recommended - outstanding more
ClarkeCare Ltd
ClarkeCare Ltd
14:03 22 Jun 17
I recently attended a Suffolk Brokerage Registered managers meeting and the very lovely Charlotte from MAR HR was there to give a presentation. Charlotte was fantastic and delivered a great presentation. Her knowledge around all things HR where clearly evident and she answered some tricky questions really well, giving clear, helpful advice. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of gaining support for their business to speak to Charlotte. I know we at ClarkeCare will be engaging their services in the near future. Thank you Charlotte :-)read more
Hana Dickinson
Hana Dickinson
10:36 26 Jul 16
I love working with Carole and the team at MAD-HR. They are so knowledgeable and responsive. I feel really confident that my HR (and therefore my business) is in safe hands. We've had a few issues that we've needed help with and Carole has been right there, with great advice and useful resources (via the Online HR Toolkit) that have made my life so much easier and my blood-pressure so much lower. Thanks Carole and team. You rock!read more
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