Knowing how to effectively manage a team is essential to being an effective leader. The people skills you need to manage a team, drive productivity and maintain motivation and vision are key leadership skills.

In 2015 MAD-HR gave ten tips on how to create the environment that is needed to generate successful teamwork: click here read those tips.

Here are eight top tips on How to Effectively Manage a team:

  1. Lead by Example

Practice what you preach and set an example for others to follow. This behaviour needs to be in all areas including your timekeeping, meeting deadlines, language and behaviour and team attitude.

You build credibility and respect through proven performance. If you are known as successful and knowing your stuff, others will be willing to follow your lead.

  1. Communicate

Your aim is to be clear, accurate and thorough to avoid miscommunication, build trust and rapport. Communication will promote engagement, teamwork and result in improved productivity. Whether it is a formal monthly briefing or an ad-hoc email, your communication is key to your successful leadership.

Don’t just communicate within your own team: communicate across the organisation to build your profile and knowledge. This will result in synergy between departments and greater working partnerships.

When you communicate in such a way you will be seen as being transparent with high integrity, increasing your respect as a leader.

  1. Listen

Listening will make your team feel valued and empowered. Acknowledging that you can still learn and develop yourself through listening to others will encourage the team to listen and learn.

Asking questions in team meetings, such as “how do you feel about this proposal?” and listening to the answer is something that many managers often overlook.

  1. Consistent

Your team needs to trust you, and the main way to establish trust is to be consistent regardless of the situation or the person.  You need to have a level-headed approach, without emotion or favouritism. This is not to say that you should neglect to remember that your team is made up of individuals with different strengths and weaknesses that may require a different approach, but your overall attitude and style must be seen as fair and consistent.

  1. Approachable and Open-Minded

And available. You not only need to be visible to your team, but you need to be seen as approachable. Whether that is to listen to a new idea, a grievance or for support, the more your team participate in discussions with you the better. This will develop a culture of innovation and support.

  1. Recognition

A public recognition system goes a long way to promote teamwork, engagement and productivity. As a team manager establishing how that materialises is vital. Think about how recognition can add value to your team. Is a “Star of the Month” appropriate, or would something competitive and results-driven be welcomed? Whether vocal recognition or a physical reward, ensure that you publicly acknowledge when a team member has performed to a high standard and give them credit.

  1. Conflict

Effective team managers will face challenging conversations and deal with conflict with confidence, clarity and appropriate timing. Using good judgement and taking a strong, yet fair, position in early days can avoid conflict escalating. Those who deal with such situations head-on will be respected, and provide a strong mentor role for their team.

  1. Goals

Using your communication skills to establish clear goals will give the team something to aim for and work towards. This will then allow the recognition system you establish to make sense and add value. A unified goal will inspire the team to work together and understand their purpose.

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