We like to let our customers speak for us when it comes to our services so when John Jackaman from Infusions Ltd gave us feedback about our HR Toolkit we wanted to share it with EVERYONE.

Please take a few minutes to watch our video and if you think the toolkit would help your business, get in touch.

We thank John for his testimonial and you can read his words below.

It’s been massive. I’m a control freak as a lot of business owners are, and it’s allowed me to stay in control or at least have the perception of staying in control. But certainly staying in control, I can go on to the toolkit and I can explore anything from application forms, to collecting data, to policies, to procedures, to training. It’s got so many documents on there.

I can take that document, download it, it has areas that I can’t change because that’s what keeps you legally compliant, and areas that I can change. And it allows me the flexibility to be able to write policies and procedures that make sense for our business, whilst still staying legal without having to bother the guys if you like at MAD-HR for things that you know I’m quite capable of doing myself. It allows me a huge amount of flexibility and every business is different and every business is going to get something different out of the tool kit. Every business is going to enjoy using it, it’s a fantastic tool.

If you would like to talk about how the HR Toolkit can benefit your business and want to talk to us confidentially about how HR consultancy might help, please get in touch by emailing hello@mad-hr.co.uk or calling us direct on 01473 360160.

“Easy to Access”

“ The Toolkit provides an easy to access comprehensive reference for all HR matters” Read the full review

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