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Lessons In Management From Southgate

16th Jul 2018
Business, Employee Engagement, Human Resources, Leadership, Training

One of our clients recently invited us to a celebration for an employee who’d been with them 20 years.

Perhaps not a long time, when compared with the 35-plus years for which some staff used to pick up watches and clocks and tie-pins in generations gone by, but today, without a shadow of a doubt, two decades is a long time to stay on the same ‘team’.

It doesn’t take the expert eye of an HR professional to tell you what you already know about the fact that today’s employee is generally more ‘promiscuous’, in that they’re more likely to scour the job market for new vacancies and keep an eye on alternative opportunities.

But what my colleagues and I know only too well, is that you can still recruit and retain exceptional candidates – for the long term – if your leadership style and united spirit is consistently getting attention.

Disappointed as you will be to have me remind you of ‘that’ football game again, it does warrant some close inspection if we want to look at that subject of leading and celebrating the concept of ‘team’.

We can all, I’m sure, agree that Gareth Southgate did a fabulous job of creating a very united squad, all poised for the challenge, and able to keep focused at various stages of the tournament.

Three particular features spring to mind for us at MAD-HR.

Each one of these are pointers which I would urge any business owner or HR-responsible practitioner to consider within their organisation:


Developing a team and achieving collective success is not something which just ‘happens’. Countless hours will have gone into Southgate’s planning around who has what strengths, how player X relates better to player Y, or how player C has an exceptional strength which needs a different management style.

That preparation and forward-thinking is critical when sending any business team out into the field too.

It gives your staff more chance of success, and ultimately leads to better results for your business and a better sense of reward and validation for the individual.


I read a lot over the World Cup period about people saying how surprised they were to see Southgate become a manager at this level.

Many cited the fact that they felt he was ‘too nice’, and that perhaps he wasn’t enough of a killer instinct to manage such a high-level team.

How wrong that judgment was.

In business, as well as in sport, there’s no need to assume that a manager must be a bully and that they must sacrifice friendship and the ability to ‘see the lighter side’.

Yes, it’s a fine line, but most people gain respect from their manager when the person is fair and able to be ‘human’, more so than a mere dictator.


Whether it’s allowing players to enjoy time playing in a swimming pool, or having periods where they can kick-back and applaud one another, Southgate has clearly managed to find ways to allow his team to be celebrated and rewarded.

As ironic as it might sound, very often, businesses lose sight of the need to celebrate even the small successes along the way.

Whether it’s toasting the long-service of an employee, or having a moment to congratulate one another on a new contract win for the firm, it’s critical to ‘come together’ for celebrations and successes.

If you have concerns about retention and performance management within your business, and want to talk to us confidentially about how HR consultancy might help, please get in touch by emailing  or calling us direct on 01473 360160.

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Christopher Durand
Christopher Durand
14:28 23 Aug 18
We have used MAD-HR a number of times and I have been very impressed by their knowledge and expertise, which is invaluable for us a small and growing business. All the work they have done for us, and this includes not just contracts and handbooks etc, but also training to make us a better more thoughtful team, I regard as a sound business and personal investment. We intend to make this an on-going relationship to help us develop as a more
Aisleen Marley
Aisleen Marley
14:48 24 Oct 17
Carole immediately grasped my situation and quickly set about creating the perfect document to help drive my business forward. She has a wealth of experience that she was able to apply to my current and future business goals in order to come up with the goods! The process itself was extremely straightforward with a clear system for booking in a call with Carole, where she then talked me through my options. Thoroughly more
Rachael Martin
Rachael Martin
19:40 03 Jul 17
Carol offers outstanding support and advice to ensure you are meeting legal requirements. Her toolkit is a very worthwhile investment as it ensures your documentation is up to scratch and you have all that you need in place! Highly recommended - outstanding more
ClarkeCare Ltd
ClarkeCare Ltd
14:03 22 Jun 17
I recently attended a Suffolk Brokerage Registered managers meeting and the very lovely Charlotte from MAR HR was there to give a presentation. Charlotte was fantastic and delivered a great presentation. Her knowledge around all things HR where clearly evident and she answered some tricky questions really well, giving clear, helpful advice. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of gaining support for their business to speak to Charlotte. I know we at ClarkeCare will be engaging their services in the near future. Thank you Charlotte :-)read more
Hana Dickinson
Hana Dickinson
10:36 26 Jul 16
I love working with Carole and the team at MAD-HR. They are so knowledgeable and responsive. I feel really confident that my HR (and therefore my business) is in safe hands. We've had a few issues that we've needed help with and Carole has been right there, with great advice and useful resources (via the Online HR Toolkit) that have made my life so much easier and my blood-pressure so much lower. Thanks Carole and team. You rock!read more
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